When you have a pest infestation and don’t know how to tackle it yourself, there are many pest control companies you could call. However, they don’t all offer the same services, costs, and level of quality. The This Old House Reviews Team has researched the best pest control companies, and we created this Orkin review to help you find out if this pest control provider is right for you.


Our Take: Orkin

Orkin offers industry-leading technology and decades of experience dealing with all different types of pests. Orkin has been tackling termites for over 70 years and has more than 100 years of bed bug experience under its belt. Its pest control specialists must undergo 160 hours of targeted training, and the company serves over 1.7 million residential and commercial customers worldwide.

Pros & Cons of Orkin

✔ Excellent customer resources

✔ Widespread availability

✔ Integrated Pest Management

✘ No online chat

✘ Not available in AK, SD, and WY


Orkin Services

Orkin offers both a general pest control plan and targeted services for specific pests.

General Pest Control

Under its general pest control plan, Orkin protects your home from 15 to 20 common household pests, including ants, moths, crickets, fleas, hornets, scorpions, silverfish, roaches, mice, spiders, centipedes, and earwigs.

You can choose whether or not you want to include interior and exterior mosquito control as part of this plan. The general pest control plan is performed quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly, depending on where you live.

For general pest control, Orkin searches for conditions that appeal to pests, eliminates current infestations, and stops the life cycle of the pests to prevent future infestations. The pest control company follows a six-step plan, called Points of Service.

  1. Investigate—Orkin inspects your entire home, both inside and out, for any current or potential pest issues.
  2. Protect—Orkin treats the perimeter of your property and removes all accessible wasp nests and spiderwebs.
  3. Fortify—Orkin seals, caulks, plugs, and secures gaps and cracks to keep pests out.
  4. Keep Watch—Orkin treats the inside of your home and installs pest monitors in key places like your garage, utility rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen.
  5. Report—Orkin writes up a detailed report of services and future recommendations to keep your home pest-free.
  6. Follow Up—Orkin maintains communication between scheduled visits so an Orkin Pro can return for any immediate request.

Termite Control

Orkin offers continuous, tailored treatment for termites using three different methods to tackle your termite issues: Termidor Liquid Termite Treatments, Dry Foam & Orkinfoam, and Sentricon Bait & Monitoring.

  • Termidor Liquid Termite: Safe for both indoor and outdoor application, Termidor liquid treatments can be applied to your foundation to provide a protective barrier around your home. This method is dual-action, providing immediate protection alongside preventative maintenance.
  • Dry Foam & Orkinfoam: The proprietary Orkinfoam treats voids around heating ducts and water pipes, under slabs, in interior and exterior walls, and other surfaces. The foam expands to reach key areas, providing extensive protection from termites. Homeowners don’t have to worry about damage from Orkinfoam, since it has a low moisture content.
  • Sentricon Bait & Monitoring: This treatment interrupts the termite growth period by disrupting the termite molting process and inhibiting growth. Orkin applies this treatment to the most at-risk areas of your home, like mulch, most soil, old tree stumps, sprinkler heads, and downspouts.

Bed Bug Services

Orkin offers inspection and state-of-the-art treatment for active bed bug infestations and ongoing bed bug detection. As with termites, Orkin uses its Points of Service system to treat bed bugs.

Mosquito Service

Orkin combines several treatments to interrupt the mosquitoes’ life cycle through monthly or one-time applications. The treatments protect against Zika, West Nile, and Chikungunya, and includes microbial insecticides, traditional insecticides, and insect growth regulators.

Extra Services

Orkin also tackles carpenter ants and ticks with inspections, treatments, and year-round solutions. If you find stinging insects, Orkin will treat the exterior of your home and remove the source. If you select any of these specialized service plans, you’ll also receive treatment for general pests.


Orkin Guarantee

Orkin offers a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If pests return to your home between treatments, an Orkin Pro will return for a touch-up at no extra cost. If the Orkin Pro can’t resolve your issue, he or she will refund your last service payment as long as you are still a customer.

Orkin Locations

Orkin is available in 47 states, excluding Alaska, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Orkin Cost Breakdown

Treatment prices can vary significantly depending on several factors:

  • Infestation—If you have a severe infestation, treatment will cost more.
  • Size and location of your home—A larger home will cost more to treat, and some zip codes are more expensive than others.
  • Type of pests—Certain pests require more extensive treatments and may cost more.
  • Type of treatment—Some extensive treatments cost more than standard ones.
  • Number of treatments—Infestations that require follow-up treatments will cost you more.

A sample quote we received stated that general pest control for a 2,000-square-foot home in Houston would be $575 annually.

Note: Orkin will have to perform a free at-home inspection to determine the degree of your infestation and make a tailored plan before providing you with a quote for your termite or bed bug issues.

Orkin Reviews

While most reviews are positive, even the most reputable pest control companies have negative reviews.

After the inspection, Damien presented me with a diagram of my home and termite prevention options. I elected to go with the baiting system. On the day of installation, I met with Damien and Josh. Josh performed the baiting system and was very knowledgeable and did an excellent job. Kudos to the Orkin Shreveport office!!!!” — Christopher W.

They may offer professional service; they may offer services to get rid of bugs and mice, but regular customers have to deal with an appointment department that only wants to use text messages and email to tell them that an appointment has been made for them, and if they don’t like it they are to call a number to reschedule.” — Jody K.

What To Expect with Orkin

When you call Orkin to request a quote, the sales representative will ask for the following information:

  • What type of pest you’re dealing with (i.e. termites, bed bugs, or another pest)
  • Where the issue is happening (i.e. at your home or at a business)
  • How you’ll be paying for the inspection/treatment (i.e. cash, check, or credit card)

Most phone calls involving quotes take less than 10 minutes.

After receiving a quote and scheduling an inspection, here’s what you can expect during the inspection:

  1. An Orkin specialist will examine your basement or crawlspace for moisture, your foundation for wood debris, and other problem areas that could attract an infestation.
  2. The specialist will use moisture meters, termite detection systems, and other equipment to assess your home.
  3. Once the specialist is done with the inspection, they will create a custom report that outlines any problems identified and recommend treatments for your home.


Orkin vs. the Competition

Superlative Star Rating BBB Rating Phone Link
Terminix Our Rating: Best Overall
NR 866-569-4035
Orkin Our Rating: Best for Urgent Service
A+ 877-868-1416
Hawx Our Rating: Best Mosquito Plan
B+ 818-273-1741
J.C. Ehrlich Our Rating: Most Comprehensive Plan
A+ 866-694-7028
Superlative Our Rating: Best Overall
Star Rating
BBB Rating NR
Phone 866-569-4035
Visit Site
Superlative Our Rating: Best for Urgent Service
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Phone 877-868-1416
Visit Site
Superlative Our Rating: Best Mosquito Plan
Star Rating
BBB Rating B+
Phone 818-273-1741
Visit Site
J.C. Ehrlich
Superlative Our Rating: Most Comprehensive Plan
Star Rating
BBB Rating A+
Phone 866-694-7028
Visit Site

*N/A signals inconsistent accreditations and ratings


Our Conclusion

This Old House Reviews Team gives Orkin an overall score of 94 out of 100. Not only does Orkin offer a comprehensive general pest control service, it offers targeted treatment for specific pests like ticks and carpenter ants.

What stands out most about Orkin is its huge amount of online resources. Unlike many competitors, Orkin breaks down its specific process for types of treatment in a clear, thorough way on its website. For termites, the company even lists the specific treatment products it uses.

Its site also includes multiple videos, with instructions on how to identify termite and bed bug infestations. Under its bed bug section, Orkin provides links to further resources—pages the company itself wrote. On those pages alone, there are over 30 links that allow homeowners to educate themselves and better understand their pest issues.


Company Information

  • Company name: Orkin
  • Company type: Public
  • CEO: John Wilson
  • Year founded: 1901
  • Headquarters: 2170 Piedmont Road, NE Atlanta, Georgia, 30324
  • State availability: 47
  • BBB rating: A+


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