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S44 E11: Demo Find

Work is underway for the new three-story bump out, the interior is demolished, and a new wider staircase is built. A retaining wall is made, and the town wastewater treatment facility is toured.

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In this episode:

The old bump is demolished in the back, and work is underway for the new three-story bump out-lots of changes outside and inside. The interior is fully demolished back to the studs in preparation for the new modern floor plan.

With the third-floor attic turned into a livable space, a new staircase is needed to replace the old steep and narrow stairs. Charlie Silva and Tom Silva build a new wider staircase that meets the code and is also in a new location that allows for more storage and a washer and dryer on the second floor.

During the demo, homeowners Palen and Melissa found an old 15-foot bamboo fishing rod.

Wanting to learn its history as well as the history of the home, Kevin and Melissa take a trip to the Museum of Old Newbury to meet with historian Bethany Groff Dorau.

Back at the house, Mark McCullough shows Kevin how to build a bulge and lean-proof retaining wall.

In addition to the construction, the entire house is being re-plumbed, and new water and sewer lines are being run. Richard Trethewey checks in on excavator Jesse Warren who is doing the site work and connection of the lines before he heads to the City of Newburyport wastewater treatment facility, where he gets a tour from superintendent Chris Pratt on how a seaside town treats its wastewater.

Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2023, Season 44; Ep. 11 23:42

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