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S44 E9: Shipwrights and Sea Captains

The crew is back in Massachusetts to start a new project—a modest 1902 Victorian in the town of Newburyport. They meet the homeowners, tour the project, and discuss the possible challenges.

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In this episode:

The crew is back in Massachusetts on the Eastern seaboard to start a new project in the town of Newburyport, where shipwrights and sea captains once lived.

Tom Silva and Kevin O’Connor meet Jenn Nawada out front. Jenn gives her thoughts on the landscape, hardscape, and plans to update the entryway.

Inside, Kevin and Tom meet homeowners Palen and a close friend of This Old House, Melissa, whose desire is to turn their modest 1902 Victorian into their forever home. Melissa gives Kevin a tour of the first floor and the new plans to create a more open floor plan, turn the screened porch into a conditioned living space, and add a new bump out off the back of the house.

Palen gives Tom a tour of the second floor. They discuss bringing the stair railing up to code, adding a new primary suite made possible by the new bump out, and turning the third floor into a livable space.

In the basement, Richard talks about relocating the mechanicals to open up the basement.

Charlie Silva and the crew meet to discuss possible challenges ahead for the project.

Original Air Date: Jan 5, 2023, Season 44; Ep. 9 23:42

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