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S44 E10: Powering Through

The main power is disconnected at the Newburyport house, and temporary power is run before the demo begins. Asbestos abatement is performed, and the back bump-out is removed. Then, a carpenter talks about what it’s like working with Parkinson’s disease.

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In this episode:

With plans for expansion, the 1902 house is ready for demo.

Electrician Heath Eastman disconnects the main power and runs temporary power for safe working.

Kevin O’Connor meets Charlie Silva outside to discuss the plans to convert the front porch into additional living room space and to remove the back bump out, which will be replaced by a new three-story addition.

Inside, suspicious that 1980s-era linoleum in the bathroom may contain asbestos, a natural mineral, and carcinogen, industrial hygienist John Buchard collects samples to be tested. The samples are taken to a local lab where lab director Jamie Noel and lab supervisor Kristina Scaviola walk Kevin through the testing process and confirm the presence of asbestos in one of the samples.

Back at the house, a special team and equipment are brought in to abate the asbestos.

The back bump out is removed. Billy Glidden, a 75-year-old carpenter, talks candidly about working with Parkinson’s disease.

Tom Silva and Charlie demo the front porch leaving the roof intact for the new build-out.

Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2023, Season 44; Ep. 10 23:42

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