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3 Things to Do Before a Storm

Do these simple tasks before severe weather hits to help minimize or even prevent costly damage to your home

Keep Basements Mold-Free

Planning to create or redo a below-grade living space? Finished basements are vulnerable to damage from storm-water intrusions, leaking pipes and hot-water tanks, or simply high humidity. Lower the risk of mold or mildew taking hold by remodeling with materials made to shake off damp conditions

Creating a Comfortable Home as You Age

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5 of the Best Nontoxic Cleaners You Aren't Using

From wine to grease stains, use these simple and nontoxic household cleaning solutions that are likely in your kitchen pantry.

Child Safety in the Home

Thousands of kids go to emergency rooms every year as a result of preventable, accidental injuries. Here's how you can lower your youngster's chances of being one of them

How to Flu-Proof Your Home

Show winter illnesses the door by keeping the house as germ-free as can be. This Old House has some time-honored tips for making your house a healthy home

Do Granite Countertops Emit Radon?

We separate the myth from the fact, and tell you what to do if you're concerned

Deck Check

Our six-point inspection plan will help you spot signs of trouble

Fire-Resistant Decking and Framing

Keep fire from gaining a foothold on your deck or inside your home's walls with these flame-resistant framing materials

Dealing with Household Disasters

Floods happen. So do collapsed ceilings, trapped critters, and smoke-belching fireplaces. But with our homeowner survival tips, you'll know just what to do when trouble strikes

Childproofing Your Home

Take preventative measures to protect your children from household dangers

Clean the Air in Your House

The stuff you breathe inside your home might be as filthy as an L.A. smog storm. Here's what you can do about it

How It Works: Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Carbon monoxide is responsible each year for more than 200 deaths (and possibly thousands more unreported, nonfatal poisonings) in the U.S.

Fire Safety and Prevention Checklist

It's not enough to have evacuation plans. It's not even enough to have a fire detector on every floor. Learn what experts say homeowners need to do now

How to Pick a Lock

How to choose one, that is: An overview of residential locks

5 Ways to Make Your Home Safer

Buying safety equipment, like smoke detectors, is fine, but you need to use and test the devices. Here's how to start.

6 Ideas for Elder-Friendly Design

Smart ways to update a home for aging in place

Closing Your Vacation Home for the Season

It was a blast relaxing in your home away from home but now it's time to winterize it. Here are the steps you need to take.

Fire Extinguishers

How effective are they? Which should you buy? Here's what every homeowner needs to know.

Heads-up on Hazardous Waste

General tips for proper disposal

All About Locks

Locksets are the first line of defense in home security. Matching the lock to the task is the key

Breathing Easier

Simple, low-cost ways to make the air in your home cleaner and healthier.

Water Heater Safety 101

Your water heater may look benign, but if improperly handled, it could erupt.

Firesafe Holiday Lights

Electric holiday lights and displays sparkle and wow, but they're also potentially dangerous

How to Escape a Fire

To keep your family safe in case of fire, follow these safety tips for escaping a fire.

Burglarproof Locks

Even a door equipped with a high-quality lockset is an easy target.