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Secure Home Warranty Review

Secure Home Warranty shut its doors in 2017. In this Secure Home Warranty review, we dive into why the company went out of business and gives recommendations for the best home warranty alternatives to protect your home.

Author Icon Written by Dana Getz + 1 other Reviewer Icon Reviewed by Jacquelyn Kfoury Updated 04/19/2024

Secure Home Warranty was a home warranty company based in Philadelphia. In January of 2017, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) requested information from the company to defend a pattern of complaints it received from its customers. The group was questioned for denying consumer claims, being difficult when canceling contracts, and delaying issued refunds.

The BBB also contacted the company to find out more about its policies, promotional literature, and copies of contracts. Secure Home Warranty customers were urged to read the terms and conditions in their home warranty service contracts, as there appeared to be confusion regarding the extent of home warranty coverage on systems and appliances.

Ultimately, the controversy surrounding Secure Home Warranty proved to be too significant to overcome, and the company shut down operations in 2017.

Alternatives to Secure Home Warranty

Since Secure Home Warranty is no longer in business, here are a few top home warranty companies that provide comprehensive coverage to their customers.

American Home Shield

  • Is a veteran in the home warranty industry
  • Offers three plans, including an impressively comprehensive ShieldPlatinum plan
  • Customers can choose between a $75, $100, and $125 service call fee

American Home Shield (AHS) has been around for almost 50 years and is one of the oldest companies in the home warranty industry. AHS provides three home warranty plans, including a ShieldPlatinum plan that covers 23 appliances and systems. With more than 45 active home warranty companies available, almost one in two customers buys an American Home Shield policy.

Get a free AHS quote at 844-529-9298 or fill out this online form.

First American Home Warranty

  • Has a risk-free, 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Doesn’t have coverage caps on heating, cooling, or ductwork
  • Covers replacement on some items that are too damaged to repair

First American Home Warranty (FAHW) has two plans that range between $28–$43 a month, making it one of the more affordable options for homeowners on a budget. What makes FAHW different from other home warranty companies is their First Class Upgrade, which covers systems and appliances even if they were improperly installed, modified, or maintained.

Get a free FAHW quote at 800-891-9778 or fill out the online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a home warranty supposed to protect?

A home warranty covers major systems and appliances when they break down due to normal wear and tear. This protection plan also covers the cost of expensive repairs or replacements and prevents homeowners from paying unreasonable, out-of-pocket expenses.

How do I avoid being scammed by another home warranty company?

If you’ve been scammed by Secure Home Warranty or another home warranty company, know that not all home warranty companies are bad. Before deciding which home warranty is right for you, consider the costs, coverage limitations, and the company’s reputation regarding customer service. You may also want to consider what other people are saying about the company, the company’s BBB rating, and how long the company has been in business to avoid a home warranty scam.

Our Final Secure Home Warranty Review

We don’t recommend Secure Home Warranty, or any home warranty company that operates with unethical practices. When reviewing Secure, we found that numerous plan holders felt that the group was eager to sign them up for service contracts, but when assistance was needed, the company failed to deliver.

As of the spring of 2019, lawsuits were filed against the company’s officers, Alan Maleh and Ellion Ashkenazie, that suggest both face a permanent ban from operating a business in Pennsylvania and pay restitutes of $1,000 per violation and $3,000 for breaches against senior citizens.

If you’re looking for a home warranty company you can trust, we suggest investing in a policy from a reputable company such as Liberty Home Guard or American Home Shield.

Whether you were a previous customer of Secure Home Warranty or are searching for your first home warranty, Liberty Home Guard is a highly recommended option. We found that the company has the highest customer reviews of any home warranty provider we’ve seen and offers extensive customization options.

If you’re ready to request a free quote, call 866-452-9107 or visit the site below.

Our Rating Methodology

We back up our home warranty ratings and recommendations with a detailed rating methodology to score each provider objectively. We conduct research by speaking with company representatives, requesting quotes, analyzing sample contracts, and conducting focus groups and consumer surveys. 

We score each provider against our review standards, which include four comparison categories: coverage, value, trust and transparency, and availability and service. We rate each provider across 31 factors within these categories. Each factor is assigned a point value based on its importance to a homeowner, totaling 100 points. We then convert the final scores to a 5-star rating. 

Here’s a breakdown of our weighted factors:

  • Coverage (40%): We scored coverage based on included home systems and appliances, add-on options, and unique benefits. We also compared coverage caps and policy exclusions.
    • Additional coverage items
    • Annual coverage cap
    • Home systems coverage
    • Major appliances coverage
    • Obstructed wall coverage cap
  • Value (30%): We compared the coverage level received to monthly pricing to determine plan value. We considered premium pricing, service fees, and flexibility in customizing plan costs. 
    • Average monthly cost
    • Cost flexibility
    • Lowest service fee
  • Trust and Transparency (16%): We evaluated each company’s reputation using the Better Business Bureau ratings and customer reviews on third-party review sites. We read through plan change policies, workmanship protections, and sample contract availability. 
    • Brand reputation
    • Policy change flexibility
    • Sample contract availability
    • Workmanship guarantee length
  • Availability and Service (14%): We award higher scores for faster claim processing and response times. We also considered service technician policies, including options to choose your technician. 
    • Claims process
    • Guaranteed response time
    • Service flexibility

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