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Nations Home Warranty Review (2021)

Home insurance doesn’t cover normal wear and tear on the systems and appliances that you use every day, so many homeowners seek out a home warranty to cover repairs and replacements on these items. Home service contracts can save you thousands on home repairs, and since the warranty provider pre-screens the technicians it hires, you won’t have to go through the process of searching out a contractor you can trust. Keep reading to learn more about Nations Home Warranty.

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TOH Rating: 7.7/10

Nations Home Warranty is a female-led company that has served the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex since 1996. Its strength lies in its status as a local home warranty provider.

To make sure you get the coverage you need, we’ve reviewed the plans and services provided by Nations Home Warranty and made recommendations for the best home warranty companies in the industry. Overall, this north Texas company is a good bet for residents of the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but homeowners living elsewhere will need a provider with nationwide reach.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of Nations Home Warranty below.

Pros and Cons of Nations Home Warranty

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Lower-than-average waiting period (15 days) before coverage begins Services only available in Dallas/Ft. Worth
A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Basic and Preferred Plans leave out key appliances (washer, dryer, refrigerator)
Covers home and lawn maintenance services Can’t choose your own contractor
All sales representatives and contractors are local

Nations Home Warranty Plans and Coverage

For homeowners, Nations Home Warranty offers three plans: Basic, Preferred, and Ultimate.

Nation Home Warranty’s Basic Plan is somewhat unusual for a home service contract in that it includes coverage for home and lawn maintenance services, as well as appliances and systems. Here’s what the Basic Plan covers.

Basic Plan

Appliances Systems Home/Lawn Maintenance
Appliances Systems Home/Lawn Maintenance
Ceiling fans Air conditioning Carpenter ant removal
Dishwasher Ductwork General pest control
Doorbells Electrical system Lawn fertilization
Ground fault circuit interrupter devices Heating system Lawn pest control
Exhaust fans Plumbing (including stoppages) Fire ant removal
Garbage disposal R410-A refrigerant Lawn weed control and prevention
Built-in microwave Water heater Leak detection
Oven, range, cooktop, vent hoods Re-key service
Smoke detectors Rodent coverage
Sump pump Garage door tune-ups
Trash compactor Carpet cleaning service

Preferred Plan

The Preferred Plan covers everything in the Basic Plan, plus subterranean termite control and garage door openers (one unit per house).

Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan contains everything in the Basic and Preferred Plans, plus the following items:

  • Clothes washer
  • Clothes dryer
  • Primary refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser

Optional Coverage

Regardless of which Nations Home Warranty plan you choose, you may purchase coverage for the following items:

  • Construction modification
  • Premier option, which covers:
  • Equipment code violation correction
  • Permits
  • Refrigerant recovery/disposal
  • Haul-away services
  • Non-cosmetic plumbing cracks
  • Garage door openers
  • Mismatched systems
  • Improper installation
  • Crane
  • Washer/dryer (as an add-on to Basic and Ultimate Plans)
  • Free-standing freezer
  • Garage door openers
  • Guest houses
  • Lawn sprinkler systems
  • Plumbing external main line protection
  • Pool/spa equipment
  • Well pumps
  • Booster/jet pumps
  • Wet bar refrigerators
  • Wine coolers

Note: Nations Home Warranty does not offer coverage for roof leaks or septic systems, but companies like Select Home Warranty do.

Nations Home Warranty Pricing

When it comes to home warranty costs, you’ll want to take into account monthly or annual premiums, service call fees, and maximum payouts. The premium is the amount you pay for the contract, regardless of how much you use it. You will pay a service call fee every time you file a claim with the company and a technician comes out to your house to diagnose the issue.

Additionally, most companies set coverage caps on systems and appliances and will make the customer pay out of pocket once that cap is reached.

Since Nations Home Warranty serves a single location, it provides a clear pricing structure on its website. Note that home warranties for condominiums are slightly cheaper than those for single-family homes.


Type of Home Basic Plan Preferred Plan Ultimate Plan
Type of Home Basic Plan Preferred Plan Ultimate Plan
House (annual) $475 $565 $675
House (monthly) $39.58 $47.08 $56.25
Condominium (annual) $455 $545 $655
Condominium (monthly) $37.92 $45.42 $54.58

The service call fee or co-pay is $75 no matter which plan you choose, which is on the low end of the industry average of $75–$125. Typical premiums for national home warranty companies tend to range between $25–$50, so Nations Home Warranty is on par with the average premium.

The maximum payouts for the annual plans are also in line with other home warranty companies.

  • All appliances combined: $3,000
  • Ductwork: $500
  • Ovens: $1,500
  • Plumbing: $1,000
  • Sump pump: $500

Here are the annual prices for the extra coverage options with their maximum payouts (if specified).

Annual Prices

Coverage Option Fee Maximum Payout
Coverage Option Fee Maximum Payout
Construction modification $50 $500
Premier option $108 Equipment code violation correction: $250
Permits: up to $150 per occurrence, $500 maximum
Haul away: up to $150 per occurrence, $500 maximum
Non-cosmetic plumbing cracks: $600
Crane: $500
Clothes washer/dryer $90 --
Clothes washer/dryer plus refrigerator with ice maker/dispenser $125 --
Primary kitchen refrigerator with ice maker/dispenser $50 $2,500
Additional refrigerator $45 $1,000
Freestanding freezer $45 --
Garage door opener $30 --
Guest house (up to 2,000 sq.ft.) $175 --
Lawn sprinkler system $100 --
Plumbing external main line protection $75 $1,000
Pool/spa equipment $190 $1,500 maximum for pool/spa heater
Additional spa equipment $95 --
Subterranean termite protection $53 --
Well pump $100 --
Well pump and booster/jet pump $150 $1,500
Wet bar refrigerator $35 $500
Wine cooler $35 $500

That’s a lot of numbers to take into account, but getting specific with coverage items can keep you from paying more than you need to and help you customize a home warranty to your needs.

How to Get a Quote from Nations Home Warranty

The prices quoted above came from a sample contract and may change based on where you live and the square footage of your home. To get an estimate specific to your house, visit Nations Home Warranty's website or call 1-888-737-7070.

How to Make a Claim with Nations Home Warranty

The claims process at Nations Home Warranty is similar to that of other home service contract providers. After signing the contract, you will have to wait at least 15 days before making a claim, but that’s lower than the industry average of 30 days. If anything covered by the contract breaks from normal wear and tear, you contact Nations Home Warranty by phone to begin the claims process.

A representative of the company will reach out to one of their contracted technicians, who will then contact you to schedule an appointment. You’ll pay a $75 fee to the contractor (pest control services require a slightly higher co-pay), who will diagnose the problem.

If Nations Home Warranty decides the problem is covered by your contract, they will send the contractor back to fix it. You will pay the contractor and the company reimburses you. If repairs aren’t possible, Nations Home Warranty will pay a cash settlement for the lowest priced product or part.

Nations Home Warranty Reviews

Although Nations Home Warranty is not accredited with the BBB, it does maintain an A+ rating based on its transparent business practices and response to consumer complaints. As with any top home warranty company, there will be a mix of positive and negative customer reviews. Here’s what some of the company’s customers had to say.

“My experience with Nations Home Warranty has been as expected and as outlined in the contract. I have not had any ‘surprises’ nor unsatisfactory customer service. Every time I made a claim/service call, a professional was promptly scheduled and the issue was resolved.” — Home B., 1/4/19

“Called them because my ice machine in my freezer quit working. Their vendor, BHB Appliance Services, changed some sort of chip. They told me to give it a few hours to start working. It never worked. After numerous attempts to correct the situation through Nations Home Warranty, it never got fixed.” — Frederick S., 8/29/17

Our Assessment of Nations Home Warranty

The This Old House Reviews team rated Nations Home Warranty a 7.7/10. Nations Home Warranty may be ideal if you live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Unfortunately, the company’s warranties are unavailable to most of the country. Additionally, though Nations provides comprehensive coverage at affordable rates, its basic plan doesn’t cover essential items like a refrigerator, washer, or dryer.

If you live outside Dallas/Ft. Worth or you just want to look at other options, we recommend American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty.

Our Preferred Provider: American Home Shield

American Home Shield (AHS), a company that’s been providing home warranties for nearly 50 years, is available in every state except Alaska. It’s a BBB-accredited company with a B rating. We recommend it over Nations Home Warranty or any local home service contract provider because of its comprehensive plans and national reach.

Instead of two plans, American Home Shield offers three options, including its impressive ShieldPlatinum™ plan. Take a look at what its three plans cover.

American Home Shield Plan Options

Systems and Appliances ShieldSilver™ ShieldGold™ ShieldPlatinum™
Systems and Appliances ShieldSilver™ ShieldGold™ ShieldPlatinum™
Air Conditioning
Heating System
Smoke Detectors
Ceiling Fans
Plumbing and Stoppages
Water Heaters
Water Dispensers
Central Vacuums
Ranges, Ovens, and Cooktops
Clothes Washer
Clothes Dryers
Built-In Microwave
Trash Compactors
Freestanding Ice Maker
Garage Door Opener
Built-In Food Centers
Coverage Boost
Roof Leak Coverage

If you seek additional coverage, there are options for extra coverage of:

  • Pools and spas
  • Well pumps
  • Septic pumps
  • Guest houses
  • Extended electronics warranties

To get a free quote from American Home Shield, call 844-529-9298 or fill out this simple form to get started.

Our Rating Methodology

The This Old House Reviews team is committed to providing comprehensive and unbiased reviews to our readers. This means earning your trust through transparency and having the data to back up our ratings and recommendations. Our rating system for home warranty providers is on a 100-point scale based on seven factors:

  • Plan options (25)
  • Coverage specifics (5)
  • Pricing (25)
  • Trustworthiness (25)
  • State availability (5)
  • Customer service (10)
  • Additional benefits (5)

Our Reviews Team reviewed 45 companies and we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, and dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

To share feedback or ask a question about this article, send a note to our Reviews team at