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Get current on the aspects of home electricity, with how to's from planning to installation and beyond.

Installing a Floodlight: An Electrical Upgrade for DIYers

Wiring projects are not for everyone, but there are some basic upgrades most homeowners can handle. First up: installing a floodlight.

Inside an Electrical Outlet

A cracked, loose, or (ouch!) shocking electrical receptacle is a candidate for replacement. But before you head out shopping for a new one, know what to ask for and how to connect everything safely.

The 5 Best 220 to 110 Adapters (2022 Review)

Before your next trip overseas, make sure you can use your devices with an adapter and converter from our list of the best 220 to 110 adapters on Amazon.


How to Safely Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

In this DIY Smarts, This Old House Master Electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner safely install a variety of Christmas lights.

Is Your Home Trying to Tell You Something? 

TOH master electrician Heath Eastman demonstrates how Wiser Energy monitors your critical electrical equipment—and reports back to you—for a safer, more efficient home. 

Not All Electrical Panels are Alike

TOH master electrician Heath Eastman explains the smart features of an innovative new electrical panel at The Cape Ann Project House.

How to Find and Hire an Electrician

Here’s what to look for to find a qualified home electrician familiar with the type of work you want done.

Installing an ACFI outlet

Protect Your Home From Electrical Damage | This Old House: LIVE!

This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman discusses the anatomy of arc-faults and demonstrates how Leviton’s AFCI receptacles can detect these electrical hazards and protect your home from fire and damage.


How to Install a Wireless Light Switch

Add a wireless light switch to an existing circuit by following the steps in this how-to video.

How to Install Outdoor Garage Lights

A step-by-step guide to lighting the driveway with outdoor garage light fixtures with a motion sensor.

Powering the Essentials | 2019 Idea House

The TOH 2019 Idea House is a whole lot of house, clocking in at 5,450 square feet of living space. In the event of a power outage, it would be cost-prohibitive to generate power throughout the home.

How to Upgrade an Electric Meter and Panel to 200 Amp Service

Master electrician Scott Caron demonstrates the two parts of replacing an antiquated electrical system in our video series below.

10 Electrical Wiring Problems Solved

Do you have an electrical issue you’re looking to fix? Read our guide to learn some common electrical problems you might face, and the best solutions for each.

Updating a Push-Button Light Switch

You can replace an antique light switch without updating the look. Master Electrician, Heath Eastman tells you how.

How to Replace an Extension Cord Plug

Read these 4 easy steps to help you rewire and replace your extension cord.

Master electrician Heath Eastman installs a USB outlet.

How to Install a USB Outlet | This Old House: Live

Ask This Old House Master Electrician Heath Eastman upgrades a standard receptacle to one that has USB inputs as part of This Old House: Live—an initiative providing daily programming and opportunities to connect with our experts during these challenging times.


Adding an Outlet to a Room

In this video, electrician Scott Carson walks you through how to add an electrical outlet without damaging your walls.

Electrician Heath Eastman shows a homeowner how to wirelessly connect more than one light switch.

How to Wirelessly Connect Multiple Light Switches

Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman helps a homeowner connect four separate switches that control six lights in the same room

The 5 Best Portable Generators (2022 Review)

A portable generator is a machine that you don’t appreciate until you really need it. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best portable generators on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you. The products included in this article are available at various retail stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.


How to Choose a Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman discusses new technology for bathroom vent fans.

How to Insulate Around Recessed LED Fixtures

Scott Caron offers advice on how to keep your home energy-efficient when using recessed lights


How to Install a Dining Room Chandelier

In this DIY Smarts, Heath Eastman installs a chandelier in a homeowner’s dining room.

Running Electricity to Your Kitchen Island

Running electricity to your island shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you’re taking out the existing cabinets.

How to Install a GFCI Outlet

Is your wiring more than 20 years old? Consider upgrading to GFCI outlets for your next home improvement project.


How to Wire a Portable Generator

Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman explains a few different methods for hooking up a portable generator to a house.

Inside Your Home’s Electrical Service Panel

Get essential knowledge about your home’s power distribution center.

How to Install a Dimmer Switch

Installing a dimmer switch is one of the easiest DIY electrical projects you can do. Read these steps on how to install one in your home.

How to Choose an Electrical Box

Ask This Old House master electrician Heath Eastman explains the uses and purposes of different types of electrical boxes.


How to Wire Outdoor Speakers

This Old House general contractor Tom Silva shows how to snake wires through walls for a pair of outdoor speakers

All About Electrical Systems

A general overview of how electrical systems in the home have dramatically changed and advanced over the years.


Ask TOH Know-How: A Device That Makes “Sense”

In this episode, Ross learns about a super-savvy energy expenditure monitoring device that can help homeowners conserve energy—and save money

Outlet Installation with a Master Electrician

Look over the shoulder of electrician Heath Eastman as he installs an electrical outlet in our Brookline project house to learn a few tricks of the trade.