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Why Heath Loves Electrical Finish Work

Master electrician Heath Eastman explains which phase of an electrical project he loves the most.

Master electrician Heath Eastman tells us what he loves most about his trade. After the planning and roughing in, Heath explains that he genuinely loves the finish work. He appreciates this stage of the work, from installing electrical outlets and switches to fixtures and lighting because it’s the first time the homeowner gets to see progress.

Why Heath Loves Finish Electrical Work

When it comes to the electrical trade, master electrician Heath Eastman’s favorite step on any job is the finish work. Finish work is the job stage that comes after the planning, wire pulling, and junction box installations when the electrician can finally install the switches, outlets, and fixtures. Heath loves it because it’s the stage of the project where the homeowner can see the results.

There’s a lot of hard work at the beginning of the project. From the layout and measuring, it’s time-consuming and painstaking. Heath needs to ensure that he has dimensions and measurements for every appliance and fixture first to ensure he’s installing the wiring and boxes correctly. And even though the homeowner doesn’t get to see those steps, when he installs the fixtures and outlets, and they fall right where he intended, he feels there’s no better day for an electrician.

While other electricians might find them tedious, Heath’s favorite part of finish work is installing light fixtures. He knows that homeowners have often been waiting weeks in anticipation from the day they ordered their fixture until it arrives. When he can walk into a home and install that fixture and see how it changes the space, he enjoys the job that much more.

Heath wants a home to feel warm and inviting, so he appreciates properly installed sconces. He thinks that, if done correctly, the sconces can offer warm, indirect lighting to accent a piece of art, a sitting area, or another space in a home.

Ultimately, Heath’s in it for the homeowner. He enjoys seeing them flip the switch and see their ideas and vision come to life.