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What ladder for working on nine foot ceiling?

I'll be doing a series of tasks near the top of a nine-foot ceiling. I'll be: cleaning; repairing plaster; cleaning and sanding old trim; and priming and painting ceilings, walls and trim, including a lot of cutting in around trim and edges. I'm wary of attempting this with a simple stepladder, as I saw a plasterer do recently (he simply stood on the top steps to work up high). Is there a special ladder that will support this work up high, or do I have to use an extension ladder propped against the wall? Thanks.

Re: What ladder for working on nine foot ceiling?

You are a funny, funny person! A mere 9'.........

A 6' ladder with you a couple of steps up to reach it...........

Okay, I get the joke.

Re: What ladder for working on nine foot ceiling?

Honestly, the question is not a joke. I've never worked up that high before, I'm not very tall, and all I own is a shaky, old aluminum step ladder. I want to invest in a new ladder, and I figure there might be something that will help me work safely. For example, I found the Little Giant website, which talks about work planks for use with ladders.

Re: What ladder for working on nine foot ceiling?

Okay, I apologize to you………….

Just seems an odd question from the perspective of someone who has spent a life time on ladders. Albeit good ladders. Although I will admit I have fallen off of a few and broke my wrist once breaking a fall. Then again I was in a hurry each time and climbed too high or was lazy and over extended my reach rather than moving the ladder.

I would say pitch your old ladder or turn it in for scrap.

We go through ladders like water and I bought four new six footers last week. I will admit to buying fiberglass ones from a big box.

I never have worked off of a ladder platform system but have spent hours on narrow rolling scaffold systems as well as stilts.

Maybe just go to a store and set one up to see how comfortable you are on it.

Re: What ladder for working on nine foot ceiling?
NEC wrote:

A 6' ladder with you a couple of steps up to reach it...........

Yep ---- even if you were only 3 feet tall a six footer would still be enough.

Though step or extension ladders are good for working within a localized area and if you are doing broader work then a platform is a lot more handy ---- instead of constantly climbing down ---- moving the ladder --- climbing back up ---- and so on.

On job sites I've used many things from 5 gallon pails or milk crates for bases with 2x6 or 2x8 laid flat for the platform.

For reaching higher up ---- 2 step ladders with planks laid on the rungs between them works as well.

A lot cheaper than buying the expensive mulifunction ladders.

*** Caveat **** these methods or not sanctioned by any governing safety body so if you choose to use either of these methods do so in a careful manner. ----- before this starts a flurry of posts of safety concerns and violations.

A. Spruce
Re: What ladder for working on nine foot ceiling?

A fiberglass 6' ladder should suffice just fine. Go with fiberglass, as they're lighter and stronger, more steady than wood or aluminum, and they're non-conductive.

When you go ladder shopping, try out the different ladders. There are several classes of ladder that are designed for different weight loads, get the lightest ladder that will suit the needs of the user. Also, take a measuring tape with you. Go up the ladder to the safe working level (second step from top in most cases ), put your hand over your head and measure to the floor. If a 6' ladder won't work, then look at a 7' ladder. A 7' ladder will be slightly lighter than an 8' and infinitely more maneuverable in the house.

If you need a wider working area, then using two ladders as Canuk suggests is a good way to do it. Another would be to purchase metal adjustable height saw horses which can be safely used as a scaffold base.

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