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Water inside pedestal sink

Our plumber removed our pedestal sink in order to install new faucets. When he did, he found that the interior cavity was full of water that came pouring out of a drain hole in the back of the sink. Does anyone have any ideas as to how the water got inside the sink?
Thank you

Re: Water inside pedestal sink

Bathroom sinks have an overflow built into them to prevent water from spilling over the rim. The sink is double-walled (at least partially, depending on the particular model). If your drain is clogged or running slow, this cavity inside the sink will fill with water when you release the drain. I suspect that is where the water came from.

Re: Water inside pedestal sink

Our sink was definitely clogged. It turns out there is a hole within the overflow channel that allowed the water that backed up the channel to get into the cavity. The question that I (and our plumber) have is simple. Is the hole within the channel a defect or is it supposed to be there? The local supply houses have never heard of it and our plumber is very reluctant to reinstall the sink because of the added weight of all that water.

Re: Water inside pedestal sink

I think I would install the sink . I would also clean the trap and snake out the waste pipe going into the wall. As long as you have good flow you shouldn't have any problems. All the water came out didn't it?

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