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Wallpaper on Plaster and Lathe Ceiling

We have an older house (1939) and it appears that a previous owner put wallpaper over the plaster and lathe on the ceilings. After many layers of paint, some of the wallpaper is now pulling away from the ceiling in spots (it looks like it's along the seams). Is there a way to patch this w/out pulling down the old plaster and lathe and putting up drywall? Thanks!

Re: Wallpaper on Plaster and Lathe Ceiling

You don't touch the plaster, you just need to remove the wallpaper. You get a tool called a "paper tiger" it is run across the surface of the painted paper and puts thousands of little holes in it, then get a garden sprayer filled w/your choice of wallpaper remover, and spray that on a few times, allowing it to soak in and get down to the glue. Then the wet mess can be scraped off with a plastic putty knife. You then take a scrubby pad with more wallpaper remover and clean off the old glue.
It's easy but laborious.

Re: Wallpaper on Plaster and Lathe Ceiling

I recently encountered the same issue in the 1908 house which I rent. I also pulled off the paper -- as mentioned in the previous reply. The paper tiger may, or may not get through all the layers -- in fact water will help even used in a steamer. However, I found the walls underneath required re-skim coating. This is the process of applying a thin layer of plaster to fill in holes and the like. I saw a recent episode of TOH - the Newton Centre project and in it Bucco Plastering showed how to use a bonding agent to repair the wall. I sincerely recommend that you remove the old paper, skim coat the walls and then repaint.

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