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Under the bathroom sink leak

Hi Guys! I have a small leak under my bathroom sink vanity. The leak is so minute that I can't tell where the leak is coming from just by looking but it is enough to prevent the use of the base cabinet as storage for such things as toilet paper. (I've had to pull everything out from under the sink & put it all in a box until I can fix the problem.) I wiped down all of the pipes & looked later to see if any were wet. They weren't so I'm fairly certain that the leak isn't coming from one of the pipes or the joints. I've looked for green corrosion but there is none. I think it may be coming from one of the water lines that connects to the faucet handles or even the lift rod, if that's possible, but I just don't know. And, I don't know how I can determine where that darn leak is coming from so I need your HELP & ADVICE PLEASE to find this leak!! P.S. Just in case you couldn't tell by my description of my problem, I'm a do-it-yourself female that can't afford a plumber. Thanks guys for your time & consideration.

Re: Under the bathroom sink leak

The first check is easy, close the stopper in the bowl and put a couple inches of water in it and let it stand. If there is no leak from the bowl, try tightening each of the supply lines ( hot & cold). If they are tight turn each one on and watch for leaks at the supply lines. The next area to tighten is the "P" trap (drain pipe)and then run water and see if it leaks. The next check is the spigots themselves, if you turn on the water try to wiggle the handles and see if they leak anywhere. That's about where the most obvious problem could be. One more is the shutoff valve itself, try gently tightening it to make sure it isn't leaking. After all this, I would try it for a few days and hopefully it was just something a little loose. A really "out there" kind of check is to put a light coat of baby powder on the lines and you will be able to see water marks where it is leaking. After all this you may need to call someone if the leak doesn't make itself known. Remember, water travels so where it drips onto the cabinet isn't necessarily where the leak is. Hop this helps. Good Luck!!
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Re: Under the bathroom sink leak

I say wipe everything down, then use the sink as you normally would. Waterline leaks will be evident regardless of use, it sounds more like you're having problems during/post use, which would indicate a drain/overflow problem OR it could be as simple as recaulking the sink to the countertop.

My experience with pesky little things like this is generally issues with the caulking or the overflow on the sink is either rusted or the glue (many overflow tubes are plastic now ... ) has let go.

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