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toilet tank leak

Have a tiny drip from one of the 2 bolts holding the tank onto the bowl. Tank & washers are new. Should I replace washers or keep adjusting the tension on the bolts?


Re: toilet tank leak

This is a tricky one - you should adjust the tension, but of course you need to do it very slowly and very carefully, or you could crack the tank. It would be best to reduce the water to about 1" in the tank before tightening, so if the tank cracks, you don't have a flood on your hands.

I had the same issue with a new toilet last year, and I used an open-end wrench rather than a ratchet for better feel, and tightened it slowly by pushing on the wrench with 2 fingers, so I wasn't putting high pressure on the wrench. I ended up tightening it more than I thought it would take to seal it, but there is still flex between the tank and base, with no leaks.

FYI, if for some reason the rubber washers are flat, try to replace them with cone washers that fit down into the hole in the tank a little, it will take a lot less torque on the bolts to seal.
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Re: toilet tank leak

Make sure that the bolts are tightened the same amount, I have seen this pinch the washers a little and cause the slightest leak. It can be as easy as a half a turn on either side to stop the leak.

Re: toilet tank leak

Try a slightly thicker washer and purchase a basic wax toilet flange ring. Use the a liberal amount of the wax to coat the head and underside of the bolts along with the washers and re-torque the tank to the bowl.

Re: toilet tank leak

Replace the washers (and the bolts if they are at all deteriorated). It's cheaper than a new toilet!

Re: toilet tank leak

it is adviseable even on a new installation to use a plumbers putty on these bolts and to make sure that the tank and bowl meet when the proper amount of torque has been applied to the bolts.

Cheryl Gillmer
Re: toilet tank leak

I've tried to adjust the bolts on my new tank. but it keeps dripping. should I apply some type of caulk or putty to stop it?

Re: toilet tank leak

dave & Cheryl:

There should be a flat piece of rubber tank cushion that sits between the tank & bowl, which cushions the contact between tank & bowl.

The rubber washers should be the specialized ones that have a wide lip & long tail that fits thru most of the lower bowl screw holes.

These are widely available at Home Depot/Lowe's & plumbing supply stores.

Some silicone caulking or similar material can also be used.



Re: toilet tank leak

do yourself a favor and replace the tank to bowls bolts before you hear a funny thunk while over tightening

Re: toilet tank leak
dave5cents wrote:

Tank & washers are new. Should I replace washers or keep adjusting the tension on the bolts?


Are they NEW as from 2 months old ?
Or oldet than that.
If they are real new .... go and ask to change them for free as you might replace something with a problem.
If it's older than that just pay the money and buy new ones.

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