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toilet seats square hole small round bolt


Hi all

I have a question toilet manufacture proivde a large square hole to mount the seat and seat manufacturs supply a small mounting bolt

1. WHY

2 is there a solution

3 and if so what?

A mystified fan of THO since the first epsode



Re: toilet seats square hole small round bolt


Used too, when products were made here in the states, the bolts used to be actual brass. They would never break, decay or corrode. The seat was made from wood, today most of the high end models are still made of wood. The brass bolts were larger and square where the bolt went thru the hole.

Now, some seat manufactures use a small square plastic filler to fill the hole and a small pot metal bolt threads into the plastic. Some are even made so that the bolt is plastic. This allows one to remove the seat for ease of cleaning and replacement. Go to the big box cheap store and purchase the plastic filler and a plastic bolt. Might as well purchase a few while you are there, it will save you a trip in about a year from now.

The States are not the only location that companies ship toilet bowls, some countries still use the brass bolts and high quality seats that last for decades. This country has become a "throw away" type of country when it comes to just about everything. Some folks love saving a dollar on an item, but then end up purchasing that same item year after year. And in the long run, will end up costing more than if they purchased the highest quality product the first time.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

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