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toilet rough in

I have to replace the toilet in one of my bathrooms. I understand that one needs to find the "rough in" size (10, 12 or 14) did that. read that to do that one measures from the wall to the center of thefloor bolt. got it. 13.5. means 14 which means special order. here is my question, asked of me by my BF, that i can't find the answer to. Why does it have to be a 14? why can one not just use a 12 and center it over the hole?

Re: toilet rough in

You can certainly use a 12", but there will be a large gap between the back of the tank and the wall. If that doesn't bother you, go for it.

Just make sure the tank is bolted securely to the bowl so it doesn't wiggle around, but don't tighten the bolts beyond that point or you'll crack it.

When installing the tank-to-bowl bolts, there should only be a rubber washer between the bolt head and the porcelain (inside the tank). Installing a metal washer inside the tank will result in leakage.

Re: toilet rough in

Some terlit manufacturers sell a 12 inch terlit that is really 11.5" but you won't know that until you take it out of the box and measure it. Unless there is one setting on the showroom floor.

From the top down; bolt head (metal washer if you want but not needed if the bolt head is big enough to cover the rubber washer) rubber washer, tank bottom, sometimes metal washer, sometimes nut, terlit base, metal washer, bolt.

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Re: toilet rough in

if you have 13-1/2 from the wall to the center of the toilet right now you cannot put in a 14" rough toilet. you can put in a 12" rough toilet and it will sit 1" to 1-1/2" off the wall which is not way out of wack. the other thing you can do is have a plumber install an offset flange to bring you to the 12" on center point.

Re: toilet rough in

thanks for the info guys, very helpful and much appreciated!!

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