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toilet gurgle

When my washer empties my two toilets gurgle. What may be causing the problem?

Blue RidgeParkway
Re: toilet gurgle

not enough water left in the bowl after the flush rinse so air and gas burp past the trap mabe after flush. check see if flap closes to soon or check refill straw tube is aimed in post right and not bent or split open valve feeding toilet all the way then turn back half turn.

mabe tank level or bowl level was low before flush check for slow leak. you know the food coloring test.

check to see if toilet burps when you flush it using a bucket of water poured into bowl.

check to see if toilet rocks, mabe wax seal is failed sometimes some breaks off and clogs the drain. remove and reset find snag and pull out any missing wax dont push through. check that bowl is sitting level.

mabe something stuck in vent or could be sewer cracked, broken or roots stuck or tank needs pumped or vent clogged mabe a floaty pushed through when plungered down then stuck in vent or something up near the roof.

mabe drain is to small for washer or not vented right or mabe sharing stack to small. try snaking vent and drain for lint balls pull them out dont push them in deeper.

Re: toilet gurgle

does it blow air out or suck air and water down and out of the bowl? Or both and is this a new problem or old chrionic problem?

Re: toilet gurgle

I tend to think it has something to with the vents or the lack of proper venting for the toilet. If the branch line (vent) is too far away then it is not venting properly. Only a camera would be able to deterime this. Good luck. Process of elimanation.

Re: toilet gurgle

I've learned to my dismay that a toilet gurgle means a back up is about to happen... and now i call the plumber for gurgles.
The city i lived in (before this house) finally put a lateral line insurance program in place and they handled the problems - but not until most of the residents had racked up big bills with their plumbers..! :mad:

When the toilets at my office gurgle, my boss used to call a plumber. Finally a plumber who really knew what to do (a camera on second trip), showed the problem wasn't from our building but in the main line. So the City had to send its folks out to flush the line. turns out that there are a couple of businesses at 'the end of the line' and they don't generate enough flow to keep the big lines cleared - flushed through and out - and they have to come and periodically flush the big sewer line and have added us to the list. odd, huh?

I don't know your sewer or septic situation, but those two things might be something to consider, too.

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