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Toilet Flange and Distance from Wall

Hello! I'm a first-time homeowner and I am also a first-time customer of a "contractor" who is doing renovations to my kitchen & bathroom. In short, he installed a new toilet in the same spot where our old toilet was; but I was surprised to find that it's TWO INCHES from the back wall!! It looks odd, not to mention that it allows for 'less' leg room in front of the toilet. Mind you, we have a small bathroom and our bathtub is aligned perpendicular to the toilet so leg space is at a minimum as it is!

Anyway, the explanation I rec'd from my contractor is as follows: "The distance from the wall for the toilet is determined by the location of the toilet flange to which it bolts. In your case, this flange location is also determined by the location of the main sewage pipe which goes directly down from the toilet into the basement floor. One suggestion for hiding the gap from the wall would be one of those "behind the toilet" shelving units. If you could find one you liked, that would also help to solve the lack of closet space in the bathroom."

It's the principle and the 'space' issues that concern me more than "hiding" this eye-catching gap!!! Grrrr.

And, what really strikes me as odd is that my "old" toilet, which isn't really in bad shape, lined up PERFECTLY against the back wall. Why isn't this one?? And, is there a lot of work with re-aligning the "flange" that he speaks of?? I don't know, but I just think it looks odd and space is at a minimum so it really irks me!

OH: And, do all toilets today come with their .. uh... .. "flange opening" in the same spot - or could we possibly get another toilet that DOES line up with our flange and our back wall?

Thanks! I appreciate ANY AND ALL replies! If it helps, I could upload a pic of our old toilet and the new one in our bathroom setting.

Re: Toilet Flange and Distance from Wall

Toilets are manufactured for 10, 12 and 14 inch rough-in dimensions, 12" being the "standard" . It would seem that you could use one for a 14" rough-in. There is still hope; you may be able to have him add an offset flange adapter, which will get you back an inch at least.

Re: Toilet Flange and Distance from Wall

Your old toilet was probably a 3 GPF. your new toilet is more that likely a 1.5 GPF. This is a smaller taknk and may be why the gap. As far as moving the flange it all depends on the access under toilet and how bad this bothers you.

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