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Toilet doesn't suck.....water down properly

I rent a home from someone who is basically a slum lord. My plumbing has not worked correctly since I have lived there which has been over a year and a half. Now, here is the beginning of my problem. The toilet stopped flushing about a year ago. It will flush if and only if we pour about 3 gallons of water directly into the bowl. We had a plumber look at it and he made the decision that it was the septic system and not the toilet itself. He snaked our main drain pipe and we used a toilet auger with no results. I previously posted on the Plumbing board, and I thought that if I redirected the question I might get some fresh ideas! BTW, I was wondering if replacing the toilet would make a difference???

A. Spruce
Re: Toilet doesn't suck.....water down properly

If you are getting a flush by pouring water directly into the bowl and are not having any other drain problems, then it is unlikely that it is a septic problem. Being that this is a rental, it's likely that something got tossed down the toilet and is now lodged in the neck just behind the bowl. If you can't get the toilet to work with a toilet auger, then pulling the toilet and flipping it upside down and backflushing it with a garden hose may be in order. This will generally push whatever is stuck in the neck back out through the bowl.

There have been a number of toilet flush related problems that have been covered in the last few weeks. Take a look through the topics in this forum for other problems similar to you'll likely find a number of great remedies.

Hope this helps. :)

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