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Toilet with built in fan

I saw a home improvement show, possibly TOH, a few months back where a toilet was installed that had a built in fan under the rim.

I'm trying to find the manufacturer of this toilet and was hoping someone here might remember. I'm not looking for something with a fan built into the seat, this was definitely built into the base of the toilet and had it's own vent pipe coming out of the rear of the toilet that you need to attach to venting going outside.


Re: Toilet with built in fan

Just watched a show last night that had this i think it was on hgtv it was kitchen and bath home show might go to there web site and look

Re: Toilet with built in fan

My guess is you are talking about a compost toilet. Take a look here

Re: Toilet with built in fan

What your looking for is a loofloo - www.loofloo.com
It actually draws air from the bowl while your on the toilet, up through the overflow and out into the cavity. Very simple system

Re: Toilet with built in fan

no experience with, just saw it online

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