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Toilet bowl will not hold water

I was away from my home for three months and when I returned, I noticed the water in the master toilet was gone. I flushed the toilet and the water completely ran out, although the tank emptied into the bowl. I then poured a bucket of water into the bowl, and it too drained completely out. I live in a first floor condo and none of my neighbors have had problems with their toilets, nor do I have a problem with the toilet in the guest bath. There is no water running onto the floor and I do not have any sewer odors in the bathroom. Does anyone know why the bowl will not hold water, as it worked fine before I left?

Re: Toilet bowl will not hold water

Is it possible that the bowl froze while you were gone and cracked?

Paul the plumber
Re: Toilet bowl will not hold water

if there is no water leeking the only other explaination is how the drain is plumbed in , if the drain coming from the toilet to the stack isnt vertical this can cause a syphoning effect that would drag all the water from the toilet trap ,its known as a "S"trap wich is illegal in most states

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