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tile subfloor

We are gutting to 2x10 floor joists. Baths are approx. 76x120. 1969 home. Common wall between 2 upstairs baths. I have 12x12 porcelain 1/2" tiles. Leaks through common wall (not plumbing). 1 wall sunk near common wall. What subfloor would you recommend? I have heard mud job, 2 3/4 ply with mesh above it, 3/4 ply with durrock or hardibacker. Also not sure what type of thinset (home depot has Flexbond).

Thanks for any advice.

Timothy Miller
Re: tile subfloor

Howdy do not use the baths... just kidding. The sub flooring will not do anything to prevent leaks. Stabilizing the sub floor so it does not flex and damage the tile on it. I prefer fiberglass surrounds one or 2 piece instead of tile because they tend not to leak and less maintenance.

Re: tile subfloor

Thanks Tim,

If I were to stick with tile, how would I keep a still subfloor?
2 layers of ply, durrock, hardibacker?
What about the wall treatment underneath tile?

Thanks again,

Timothy Miller
Re: tile subfloor

Howdy, the biggest consideration is the toe kick you might created at the doorway after building up your sub floor. Can you tell how far apart your floor joists are the closer the more stable the sub floor. 16" on center is the norm. Is your sub floor plywood or chip board, osb? Consider adding a underlayment installed with sub floor adhesive and screws into the joists. Underlayment can be of many choises and thickness and harness.
I use mastic and not thin set. Just easier to work with in my opinion.
I use durarock as it is stronger then water resistant drywall. I installed un faced fiberglass, sound deadner and insulation. Then 6 mill plastic on the studs then the druarock ...

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