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Tile in shower Buckling?

Hi, we have a raised ranch built in 1964 that has a basement shower. The tile in the shower was put on the concrete block on the outside wall of the house. There is no plumbing on this wall. The Tiles are buckling and I need to fix them. I have never done tile work, but I am hoping I can get some feedback on what is the best way to deal with this problem. The shower is 6'by 8'. The three outside facing walls have loose tiles on them. Ranging from a 3' by 2' area. To a 5' by 4' area. Should I demo the walls and frame out, duraroc, retile? Or just pull the loose tiles down and put them back as they were? I have been told several different things. One being to tear down to the concrete block, seal the block, frame and duraroc,and retile. This makes sense, but because I am inexperienced, I don't want to cause more trouble for myself. But I want to fix this right. I have a 4 year old at home and have mold. Please help. Thank you for all of your thoughts.

Re: Tile in shower Buckling?

You may want to check out www.tileyourworld.com. Lot's of good information and a very active number of contributors.


Re: Tile in shower Buckling?

Thank you Chuck. I went to the website, and it has been very helpful. I appreciate your help.:)

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