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Squealing shower head

Just a quick question. Every time that I draw the water for my shower, the shower head sqieals for about 30 seconds. It is a high pitch squeal. It only does it for about 30 seconds when you turn on the shower head. I have even changed shower heads and it still squeals. can anyone help.:confused:

Re: Squealing shower head

Did you ever get a solution/fix for this problem? My showerhead has the same problem only it screams constantly throughout the length of the shower being taken. It starts out with a sharp scream that trails off to a low scream and then gets loud again. I'm having house guests this spring, a family of 5, and I need to get this screaming shower problem fixed before they come to stay. I had a handyman fix the problem and all he did was replace the showerhead. The new showerhead screams even louder than the one he replaced. :confused:Somebody help please.

A. Spruce
Re: Squealing shower head

Shower head screams are usually associated with the restrictor washer placed in the head to reduce the water flow, saving water. Some heads just have a sized inlet orifice. Regardless, removal of the washer or slightly enlarging the inlet orifice usually cures the problem. Just unscrew the head from the shower neck and you'll have access to the washer/inlet orifice.

Re: Squealing shower head

i'm sure there's more possibilities than the two i know of. in my experience i've encountered this issue with the cause being two different things. #1 was the showerhead itself, the small holes that the water comes out of gets clogged with mineral deposits from the water narrowing the holes and creating, in sense, a whistle, just like blowing air out of your mouth. that solution was using CLR to clean the head, problem solved......#2 was the water pressure to the house, took 3 plumbers to figure this one out, the last one knew exactly what the problem was. it's the same as the first issue only the holes in the shower head just aren't big enough to let the water through quick enough therefore creating the same whistle effect.....so to sum it up, if you've changed your showerhead maybe you should have the water pressure in the house checked and a pressure reducing valve installed if it's needed

Re: Squealing shower head

Another thing might be the diverter.

If the diverter is in the tub spout and if when this sound occurs when you pull up the handle for the shower chances are it's the diverter that needs replacing.
Try either pulling up or pushing down on the lever to see if the sound changes or disappears.

It's likely worn and vibrating causing the squealing sound you hear.

If the lever is in the spout .... remove the spout either by unscrewing it or it may be held on by a set screw located on the underside of the spout.
When replacing ..... clean the copper pipe with some fine sand paper or emery cloth and use plumbing grease or to luricate the new seals when installing .

Hope this helps.

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