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slate roof replacement and air conditioning

In a couple of months, we will be replacing the slate roof of our 1932 Dutch Colonial in the DC area. There is no access anywhere to the attic/crawlspace of our home. We have hot water heat, and as a result have no ductwork of any sort, and thus, central air has seemed out of the realm of the possible. It occurred to us that while the whole roof is "off" that maybe we should consider whether installing a high velocity air conditioning system, or similar, might be possible. Would there be a reason to expect that it might be useful to put ductwork,or any units up in the area that we ordinarily have no access to? We are also considering trying to put some insulation in this attic space.
Thank you, Laurel

Re: slate roof replacement and air conditioning

I have learned that ANYTHING is possible if money is no object. ;)

Seriously, though, whatever you do as far as HVAC should not be dependent on whether the roof is on or off. You need to have access to the equipment and the system from within the house (preferably pull down stairs). What you may be able to do for the 2nd floor is a system in the attic, that will air condition the second floor and some of the cool air will gravitate to the first floor, but certainly won't be anticipated to cool the first floor like the second.

I would strongly suggest having a professional come out and evaluate what your options are. Yes, it may be easier to work on the HVAC with the roof off the house, BUT, as I said, don't do anything that is dependent on that roof being off.

All the best, Irishmist

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