10 Best Roof Repair Companies Near Me

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By This Old House Reviews Team |Last Updated: February 16, 2024

Homeowners who notice any sign of damage to their roofing system should call a licensed professional roofer. Roofers can remedy everything from small leaks to widespread rot. We’ve compiled a list of the best roof repair companies to help you navigate the repair process. Our guide also covers common services roofing companies offer, average repair costs, and more.

What Services Do Roof Repair Companies Offer?

Licensed roof repair contractors work on all parts of the roof and commonly offer the services below.

Chimney Flashing Repair

Professional roofers know how to spot and repair damage to flashing. Flashing is the thin metal material that lines roof penetrations such as chimneys or skylights. It covers weak points in a roof susceptible to leaks and can rust or crack over time.

Eaves Repair

Roofers can fix roof eaves, which overhang a home’s exterior walls and consist of rafter tails, fascia, soffits, gutters, and other materials. Eaves must handle water runoff and are susceptible to storm damage.

Emergency Roof Repair

You may need to get roofers to your house immediately if your roof suffers storm damage or develops a leak amid inclement weather. Emergency roof repair or same-day services will come with extra fees but may ultimately save you money in the long run by preventing further damage to your home.

Leak Repair

Roofing contractors are experts at finding roof leaks and patching them. They can also identify trouble spots and repair them before damage spreads.

Roof Vent Repairs

Snow may melt during the day and freeze into ice at night if a roofing system is too warm compared to the climate. This may form ice dams that put stress on roofing materials, causing leaks. Licensed roofers will ensure that your roof has proper ventilation to prevent leaks.


A sagging roof is usually a sign of widespread damage, and roofers may need to remove surface materials to address the problem. This process may become expensive but will ultimately keep the roof from collapsing.

Shingle Repairs and Replacements

Damage from hail or other blunt objects can weaken the structure of shingles, rendering a roof vulnerable to additional damage. A roofing company may be able to repair the shingles but may have to replace the roof entirely if it has too much shingle damage or is over 30 years old.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Roof Repair Company

Here are a handful of variables you should consider when choosing a roof repair company.

  • Cleanup: Ask roofing companies whether they include debris cleanup and haulaway in their estimates, charge extra for the service, or don’t provide the service at all.
  • Cost: Get at least three estimates before choosing a contractor. Be wary of any company that charges substantially less than others for the same materials or services.
  • Expertise: Some types of roofing materials may require specialty work. If you plan to install a less common material such as slate tiles, standing seam metal panels, or solar shingles, ensure the roofer has experience with those materials.
  • Guarantees: Make sure you get any guarantee on workmanship in writing.
  • Licensing and insurance:All states require contractors to have a roofing license to perform roof repairs and replacements. Ask for proof of current licensure and proof that contractors are bonded and insured.
  • Method: Make sure you understand the problem and how the contractor intends to fix it. A patch job with epoxy is substantially different than removing and replacing a section of shingles and underlayment.
  • Reputation and reviews: Ask your family, friends, and neighbors for local recommendations. You can also search the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website for accredited roofers nearby.

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

The cost of roof repair depends on the extent of the problem, the method required to fix it, and the materials that cover your roof. The national average cost for roof repair is $1,067, and most repair jobs fall somewhere between $379 and $1,755. Materials such as asphalt or composite shingles will be the least expensive to repair, and high-end materials such as natural slate or copper will be the most expensive to repair.

Here are the costs of several common repair jobs:

  • Chimney flashing repair: $200–$500
  • Eaves repair: $1,500–$1,700
  • Fascia and soffit repair: $600–$6,000
  • Fullroof replacement: $5,700–$12,500
  • Gutterrepair: $180–$560
  • Hail damage repair: $700–$4,000
  • Leak repair: $150–$2,000
  • Sagging roof: $1,500–$7,000
  • Shinglerepair: $50–$800
  • Vent repair: $75–$250

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FAQ's About Roof Repair Companies Near Me

Can you repair parts of a roof?

Yes, you can repair the damaged or leaking parts of a roof. It may make more sense to replace the roof entirely if your roofing materials are old or the damage is widespread.

Does insurance cover shingles blown off my roof?

Insurance will frequently cover the cost of shingle replacement if the missing shingles are the result of an event such as a windstorm.

How long can you leave a roof without shingles?

Homeowners can leave a roof without shingles for 30 to 60 days if the climate is mild and the weather is good. However, it’s unwise to do so in a climate with more inclement weather.

Will my roof leak with one shingle missing?

Even one missing shingle can allow water into your roofing system and cause structural damage. Therefore, covering even the smallest exposed space is a good idea.

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