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shower to tub

we just moved into our first house and it has a shower with no tub. with three children and the oldest being 4 i need a tub to bath the children in. how difficult is it to put in a tub in the existing shower. it looks like previous owners took out the original tub and put in just the shower. the shower is all tile, and measures 58"x31", and the drain is located on the right side below the shower head instead of the center. is there a better type of tub to get than others without breaking the bank.

Re: shower to tub

If there was previously a tub and it was removed for a shower ... that would be helpful in terms of the plumbing and drain.... so it would be doable.

Three walls will have to be opened for attaching the tub to framing as well as removing the base of the shower stall.

Depending on the wall covering that exists in the shower and what may be discovered behind the walls will determine the extent of work that will be needed.

For example if the shower is all tile it will be very tricky to only remove as much tile necessary to place the tube then repair and re-tile. There is a good chance the shower area may have to be gutted and redone afterward.

Depending on the size of the bathroom itself may require removing the sink and vanity to be able to get the tub into the room as well.

In most cases tub installs or replacements will be accompanied by a remodel of the bathroom because of the amount of work for the tub install.... again depending on things.

You are probably looking at 3-5 days with a contractor doing the work .... depending on the situation.

If there is an available space you might also consider installing another bathroom especially if this is the only one.... since you will be without bathroom and shower for a few days.

Generally the steel tubs are more cost effective though there are different grades. The typical low end builder's grade is usually a thinner gage of steel and the bottoms can warp .... for a few dollars more get the thicker gage steel.

Hopefully this doesn't frighten you and helps.:)

Re: shower to tub

thanks... anything helps. im hoping not to get a contractor cause the will run the cost up, im thinking with help from others that are working on houses i might be able to get this done... we do have a second bathroom, but it has more issues than this one. the hot water leaks somewhere, and the sink has some sort of venting issue that didnt pass inspection--- which leads to another question... isnt an s trap supposed to keep sewer gas out if the line is not vented?

Re: shower to tub

zorkin ... yikes :)

The water that's in the trap is for that purpose of not allowing sewer gases to come up.
If there is a vent issue on that drain system ....Perhaps there is another fixture that's drawing the water out that trap when it drains. It may be using that trap as a vent.

Re: shower to tub

no, its a p-trap you want for a sink or shower or tub not an s-trap. an s-trap allows a suction slug to empty the trap and is for devices that retain water, a p-trap retains water itself to prevent gases from coming forth. your toilet contains a built in s-trap in the trapway, and retains water in the bowl at least 1-1/2" of water over top of the neck.

you'll likely need access from the ceiling below the shower drain to convert your shower to tub if you're on a slab expect you may have to excavate the slab some.

your shower walls are adding to the space, you'll need to excavate to the studs of the shower area at a height slightly higher than the exposed deck of the to be installed tub to install a ledger support and fasten in place, then reinstall surface material and tile. do not buy your tub until you have done so and measured the area level and plumb, you may be able to fit a standard 60" tub with a standard or slightly extended deck. for example a 60" x 32" tub as installed and finished, tub/shower area inside measures depending on the depth or thickness of the tile (1/4"), waterproofing method and attachment of the tile method, and wall flare, roughly 58-3/8" wide tile-to-tile and 31-1/8" deep tile to outside tub face/skirt.

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