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Shower makes Squealing Noise


We have a bathtub/shower that when you pull the lever up on the tub spout to shower it will squeal.

Sounds like a balloon when letting air out slowly.

This squealing noise varies depending on the position of the moen nob. It squeals when i turn it toward the hot side.

I have determined that the noise is coming from the tub spot.

Simple fix?

Re: Shower makes Squealing Noise

hi,sounds like youve got to replace the diverta spout,do you seem to have diminished flow coming from the shower head?The spout should unscrew w/out too much of a prob,one thing to keep in mind is that you probaby backing the spout off a copper water line so dont be to aggressive so u dont kink the copper line,sloow and easy should do it,then u should take the spout w/you to nearest home center for replace,they can threaded a cple diff ways so make sure they match..gl

Re: Shower makes Squealing Noise

I've looked at the spout and noticed a small hex screw at the bottom. I'm assuming if i loosen this screw the spout should slide off. Is this correct?

Also, I've read it could be the shower head...like something clogged, etc.

I've also read it could be the actual water control knob. Obviously, i will try the new spout.

I forgot to mention that the squealing will go away after a minute or two.

What do you think?


Re: Shower makes Squealing Noise

my guess is that its the spout,sounds like you have a slip on style,if you loosen hex screw you should be able to slide off spout,try running the tub w/out spout.if all sounds normal block the tub piping w/your hand to direct to shower...does sound persist?

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