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Shower 3 way mixer problem

My 3 way mixer valve in my shower is stuck in one position. The shower has duel heads and there are 3 valve options. 1-shower head A flows; 2-shower head B flows; 3-Both A and B heads flow. The valve was not working properly a couple years ago, so we capped one of the heads and just used the remaining head. Now we want to sell the house so I need to fix the problem. We ordered a new valve stem inserted it, secured the lock nut and tested. Both heads still run simultaniously. The flow nob/stem has 3 stopping points which is supposed to divert the flow. At all stopping points both heads have water flow. So replacing the stem didn't work. There must be something wrong with the brass diverter valve. Has anybody had this problem or provide some advise? Thanks

Re: Shower 3 way mixer problem

Typically there is nothing else other than hard metal tubes diverting the water. It must be the cartridge causing the problem. Double check to make sure all O rings, seals are in place, double check you are not inserting it up side down, check that the handle position is in the correct slot.

The cartridge has 3 holes most likely and as you turn the handle it rotates the cartridge and water mixes/open/closes through each of the water pathways of brass tube.

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