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Screaming toilet and kitchen sink

There's a similar thread to this (the noisy toilet), but my issue seems a bit different. My house is a ranch, built in 1991, kept up very well, and in Charleston, SC. We have a concrete slab foundation.

The biggest problem is that the toilet in the master bathroom literally screams after flushing; the flush itself is fine (not slow or hitching, never need to hold the handle down or anything), but after the flush the water screams as it fills the toilet---until the very end, when it stops filling and everything. It tapers off just slightly before the very end, but is still very noisy compared to regular toilets. The toilet in the hall bathroom (on a different wall than the master toilet) never has this issue, at all---it's very quiet.

I've tried turning the water flow down on the toilet, but it just extends the screaming, and really does nothing to make it much quieter. It just screams a little quieter but for 3 times as long. I've checked to be sure the toilet isn't using the hot water line (or at least not exclusively----the water is still cold when filling the toilet, even if I run the hot water in the bathroom to be sure the hottest water is actually available in the pipes if the toilet was using it).

The kitchen sink (which is on the same wall as the master toilet) has the same "screaming" issue, but only when using the hot water---the cold water is quiet, and the hot water doesn't start screaming until about 20-30 seconds after turning it on, when hot water is starting to come through the lines. The dishwasher does not have the screaming issue, however, and it uses the hot water line from the kitchen sink (under the sink, obviously). The washing machine does not have the issue either.


Re: Screaming toilet and kitchen sink

The noise from the toilet is probably due to a worn ballcock valve.

The BV is also known as the water inlet valve; its job is to let water back into the toilet tank after the flush.

Over time the rubber washer or seal in the top of the BV wears out and you get vibration, & thus noise on refill.

Consult the site below; older BV's with a float bowl, are usually replaced with a Fluidmaster 400A, which sells for only $5 at Home Depot/Lowe's.

Make sure you TURN OFF THE WATER VALVE before you attempt any repairs on the bath or kitchen fixtures.

If you have to replace the ballcock, you will have to remove the water in the toilet tank before repair is attempted.

The kitchen sink noise can be coming from the same case of worn rubber washers or o-rings inside the faucet, or possibly the on/off valve under the kitchen sink.

Get the name of the kitchen faucet, stamped on the housing & see if their website has an exploded (diagram) view of the parts.

Home Depot/Lowe's or plumbing supply houses carry rebuild kits for most large name faucet mfgs.


Re: Screaming toilet and kitchen sink

Wow, right on----thanks, man! I'll go out to Lowe's tomorrow and get the new BV and let you know how it went!

Thanks so much!

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