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Roof/Gutter job - soffits after??

I just had a roof and gutter replacement job finished last week. I was told the soffits would not need replacement as that was not the issue of the leaking/mis-pitched gutters, so we proceeded. Now the job is finished and the gutters hung without noticing the soffits are damaged and do not match up to the new gutters making for huge gaps and eye sores. Can the soffits be replaced now that the new gutters are up or will the new gutters have to be removed before this can be corrected? I feel like they are trying to come up with a quick fix by just putting up some additional “pieces” of metal up to fill in the holes (not sure yet what that means) without addressing the real issue. I hate the way this looks now and think that completely replacing the soffits is the only way to give this a clean finished look. But...now that the roof and gutters are finished, what are my options?


Re: Roof/Gutter job - soffits after??


Yes, all of that should have been re-worked. That is not right. The board are now not contacting the fascia board. They should be. I would have had them replace the fascia as well. It at least need to be primed and painted. That is what is actually holding up the gutters. The sofit pieces do not require the gutters to be removed. But if the fascia is damaged or needs primed and painted, the gutters will have to be removed.

The fascia on our house is 130 years old. I had the gutters replaced with copper gutters. I told the company that I wanted all the fascia boards replaced with primed and painted cedar. I primed and painted the fascia with a couple coats of oil based primer and paint. I also insisted they use stainless steel nails or screws to fasten and secure the fascia boards. They did exactly that. And our fascia was not in that bad of condition. But while you are looking at it, replace it. It is much more difficult later for this small job of replacing them or at the very least, priming and painting them. That cost me about $400 in lumber for 1x8 cedar and about $200 in primer and paint. It would cost me more than $25,000 to try and replace the fascia boards now. The gutters are soldered(brazed) and that would cause the joints to break if I tried to remove them now.

You are the boss on the job. You tell them, they do not tell you. If there is something you want, you specify it. Hopefully at the beginning when all work and steps are being listed on the contract. If they are not willing to do the work and just add on the extra cost, find a different company. We live in North Carolina, we went all the way to Georgia before finding a roofing company that was licensed and bonded, plus certified in the type of roofing and shingles that we wanted to use. They were happy to do the work.


Handy Andy In Mt Airy NC

Re: Roof/Gutter job - soffits after??

Hi Lisa,

Usually soffits are done before the fascia and gutters are up, anything done after would be what we call a mickey mouse job.

In all my 20 years plus I have never done soffits and fascia after installing gutters. 

1 soffit
2 fascia
3 gutter


1 fascia
2 soffit
3 gutter

soffit is never last to be hung up although some companies will do it still!

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