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Roof venting, moisture and carpenter ants!

Hi, here is some history: 

  • We have a 1940’s house in Canada
  • the upstairs contains some living space (bedrooms) under the roof and some small attic areas: one large attic area on the south side and two smaller corner attic areas on the north.
  • the attic areas have little ventilation. The roof was re-shingled about 8 years ago.  There are only a few passive vents.  I tried to improve the ventilation on the large south attic area by cutting some venting at either end of the house and installing a screened cover at each end.  The two small corner attic areas only have one vent each
  • about 10 years ago we installed fiberglass insulation in the attic. There is insulation against the inside walls and on the floor of the attic. No insulation on the outside roof surface 
  • Last spring when the weather started to warm up, we started to see some carpenter ants Inside one corner of the house (one floor beneath one of the small attics). I tried to figure out how they were getting into the house and thought they were eliminated, but this winter we are seeing a few ants again
  • i inspected the small attic near the ants and there is lots of moisture condensation on the inside of the roof surface. It appears that warm moist air from inside the house is condensing against the inside of the roof.  I saw very little evidence of mould or decay (and no ants) but didn’t do a very thorough inspection 

Any suggestions appreciated!  Do I need to improve the ventilation of the attic areas? (More vents?). Any suggestions on the ant problem?

thanks, Ian

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