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Roof Shingles - Dark vs Light - Need Input Please

I've been trying to find the answers on my own, and I'm having a really tough time in doing so. I'm hoping those of you who have first hand experience and/or knowledge can help me out here.

Bought an older home that has light yellow vinyl siding and a light grey roof that needs replacing. I really like the idea of having a dark roof with that color siding and would like to consider a black, dark grey or dark brown roof.

I know that "they" say a light roof is better with reflecting heat than a dark roof, but what I'm really interested in is how a dark roof will impact the electric bills and how it makes the house feel, especially in the summer time.

I'm interested in knowing if anyone has gone from light to dark or dark to light and what they saw in the way of impact on their electric bills in both winter and summer, and how the house felt differently, if any. I don't want to make a mistake that I'll regret later if I can avoid doing so that will impact my pocketbook a lot, but if there's not much of a difference than I'd like to go with what I find pleasing to the eye.

I've also seen where Elk and Certainteed has what they consider "cool" roof shingles - anyone have any background with using these?

For a little background. The house is a ranch style home in Greenville, SC and faces what I'd say is SE. There are no shade trees but there is a wooded lot of pines on the left of the home that does provide some shading to that side of the house. I know the Greenville area gets very hot summers, hotter than SOFLA but definitely for a shorter period of time. Winters can be cold, but not a lot of snow.

I've only been able to find some smattering thoughts, or technical data that's beyond what I really want to know which in the long run is really dollars and cents and comfortability.

Last, does anyone have any suggestions as far as insulation and ventilation since I'll be doing over the roof completely? Roofers up there are suggesting ridge vents for ventilation. I had one from when I put on my roof in 1992 after a hurricane in SOFLA. I recently put on a roof and they are no longer suggesting them down in SOFLA. Any thoughts on ridge vents? I also just had new vinyl soffits installed with lots of little holes for better ventilation, and I know I need another 6" of insulation blown up in the attic which will have done next month. Does anyone have any suggestions on anything else that may help?

Thanks in advance for any input you may have, truly appreciated!

Timothy Miller
Re: Roof Shingles - Dark vs Light - Need Input Please

Howdy darker shingles wear out faster then light. Consider adding attic foil in the attic to reduce the temp in summer ( it costs very little)
Check with your insurer as some shingles now greatly reduce the costs of home owners insurance.

Re: Roof Shingles - Dark vs Light - Need Input Please

I know what your going through don't make the mistake I did .I switched from light to dark.Put a ridge vent in and it was suffocating up stairs.Ripped out the vent and installed an attic fan which help out a lot.With yellow siding I would try a light brown shingle.This would compliment the house.

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