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Reslope hidden built-in gutter

I need to reslope a short section of a hidden gutter (built in gutter), about 12'. I'm thinking that there must be a way to do this using sheet metal and epoxy or caulking. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks.

Re: Reslope hidden built-in gutter

The boxed gutters that I know of start out very shallow at the high end; 1.5" deep, and end up at 4 or 5 inches deep at the leader end. So to re-jigger your gutter, the maximum slope will be determined by how much depth you have at your shallow end.
I'm not hopeful that this can be done without taking it all apart and building new wooden brackets and redoing the sheathing, and relining with metal, with all the details that entail from it.

Re: Reslope hidden built-in gutter

Thanks. I'll have to get back up there and check the depths.

Re: Reslope hidden built-in gutter

what did you find? I too have built-in gutters but mine are leaking really bad and no one in my small town wants/can help me. do you have any ideas?

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