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Billy JoeBob Roylee
Replacing bathroom tile board

I'm hoping to find an answer to how I can get sheets of 4' x 8' bathroom tile board to adhere to the wall after I removed the old tile board and sanded the old adhesive down with 50 grit sandpaper but didn't remove all of it. The makers of Liquid Nails say not to apply it over old adhesive. The old adhesive was applied with a trowel and practically covers the entire surface of the plywood. Do I have to continue sanding or is there another adhesive I can use? Is there another/better method to remove the old adhesive?

I tried to upload an image but received the following error message.
image.jpg: This is not a valid image file.
I went to: manage attachments/add files/choose file/choose existing, selected my picture, tapped on upload.

Re: Replacing bathroom tile board


Is this in a wet / shower / tub area ? If yes, start a thread at the John Bridge Tile Forum where you can post pictures directly.

Re: Replacing bathroom tile board

I think you're talking about the Masonite/Abitibi board? I'd say you have done enough; wipe it down with lacquer thinner and apply the new mastic/adhesive. Loctite "Power Grab" is pretty good for a water-based adhesive. Good luck finding original solvent-based PL 400 any more.

Billy JoeBob Roylee
Re: Replacing bathroom tile board

This room is not a wet area. It's a small room with a washer & dryer, lavatory, and toilet. We have another full bathroom. This is definitely tile board. To see it go to Lowes website and type 17312 in the search bar. Thanks for your help.

Re: Replacing bathroom tile board

You can load your photos to a host like photobucket and then give us the link.

I have installed tile boards on walls, used liquid nail over old mastic and the thing stuck.

You can use other adhesives, as mentioned, and see if you can get better results.

Worst case: remove everything off the wall and start from scratch.

Just my opinion: tile board is tacky and will never look as nice as real tiles.

Billy JoeBob Roylee
Re: Replacing bathroom tile board

I talked with a Loctite rep and they couldn't recommend "Power Grab" for this project. I think you're right, dj1, I'm going to have to tear off the old plywood and replace it, too. Fortunately, it only goes up the wall four feet and it's a small room.

Thanks to all for your help.

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