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Replacing 3-faucet shower stems

Hello. I recently set about the task of replacing the valve stems in my 3-handle faucet assembly. I took out the old ones (hot, cold, and diverter) and took them down to my local hardware store. I asked a nice gentleman there for help and he pointed me to the closest replacements. This store did not carry actual Price-Pfister replacement parts but had another brand that could be matched up. The first problem is that there are no part numbers on the original parts so you basically have to look at them and decide which one matches the closest. The second problem is that I found a match for the hot and cold, but the stems are slightly longer. The third problem is that they had no match for the diverter.

So, I brought home the hot/cold stem valves and replaced them. I ordered the P-P diverter replacement part from the manufacturer online. All three were replaced, screwed in tight (with plumbers tape), and now I'm having leak issues. The diverter doesn't leak (remember this is a genuine P-P replacement part), but the hot and cold are both leaking through the handles when the water is turned on. There is no leakage when the water is turned off. As a matter of fact, the hot handle is conducting heat and is really getting very, very hot to the touch.

What do you think is the reason for this leak? Do I need to buy genuine P-P parts for this to stop or is just that I installed the parts wrong?

Thank you, in advance, for any help you can provide.

Re: Replacing 3-faucet shower stems

I would try the original parts. The after-market parts are probably a little bit different. The difference may not be noticable.

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