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John R
Removing Old Shower Pan
John R

I have gutted out the bathroom with just the shower pan to remove. It's 5' x 3' metal pan filled with concrete?, it sits on the concrete ground floor. The drain looks as though it's been sealed around the edges with lead. How can I start to lift it, also how is it removed without damaging the drain, or my back!

Thanks for any advice.

Re: Removing Old Shower Pan

We are gutting our bathroom as well pretty soon. If anyone has an answer for this, please post. I would like to get a head start on planning for this :)

Re: Removing Old Shower Pan

The concrete will need to be broken up with a sledge hammer. Just be careful around the drain. Also, you might rent a chipping hammer which is like a small jack hammer. Again, be careful around the drain. Most importantly, plug up the drain before you start to keep debris out of it. There will be alot of it. There is a chance that the drain can be removed after the concrete is out of the way and updated to one without lead. But, you may have to use it for the new shower, that is if you are installing a new shower.

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