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Recessed Lights and Ceiling Fans


I live in an older house that has the 12 x 12 recessed lights in the ceilings. I've been thinking about putting a ceiling fan up in my bedroom. Can a ceiling fan be put where a recessed light use to be and if so how do I go about doing it?



Re: Recessed Lights and Ceiling Fans

You can mount a fan where a recessed light is in most cases. But, it requires a little investigating to see if it is possible.
Turn the power off at the breaker box. Remove the lamp and the trim from the recess light. Inside the recess can it should be about three screws to remove the inside can of the recess light. After that you should see a junction box which is mounted on the rough in housing of the recess light. Look to see if the wires going into the box have enough slack to reach the new box you will be installing in the place of the recess light. You can not put these wires in a junction box and extend them and cover them up as it is a code violation. A junction box must be accessible. If you are not able to accomplish this re-assemble the light as you can not put a new fan in that spot. You could however take a wire from that box and mount the fan somewhere else in still use that light also.

If you are able to use that location as I stated above you need to use an approved fan box. Some fan boxes require special bracing
This might require cutting and patching the drywall. Some use a bar that do not special bracing and are included with the fan box. The special box is used and required by code because of the fan weight and independent mounting of the fan to keep the screws from vibrating loose. Good luck.:)

Re: Recessed Lights and Ceiling Fans

I'm guessing you also need to make some sort of cover to cleverly disquise the 12x12 opening .

Just athought.:)

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