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re-roofing with metal

Hey folks, I'm new to this forum and this is my first question :)

I'm currently soliciting bids for remodeling a 30 year old lake house in north GA. We want to put a metal roof on the house. In order to be a little more educated about the roofing process, I'm wondering if it is ever acceptable to install a metal roof over the existing asphalt shingles (I would expect the roofer to lathe with 2X2 or 2X4). Is there anything else I should be aware of or ask about regarding metal roofing when soliciting bids? Are all metal roofs created equally?

Timothy Miller
Re: re-roofing with metal

Howdy depends on what your code allows some allow one layer of comp shingles to be overlaid by metal. Metal roofing varies by thickness and war warranty on the paint. In your area insist on cool roof finish this will reduce the summer heating of the roof. Go to the roofing manufacturers web page for best practices an instillation technique before you have it installed so you know what you need and get bid accordingly. Might check see if any federal or state or local rebates if you use certain products .

Re: re-roofing with metal

I agree with Timothy Miller on asking for a "cool roof" installation. Besides the gauge of the metal, the finish, and the warranty there are multiple variations in metal roofing. There are 3 rib, 5 rib, standing seam, soldered to name a few.


Re: re-roofing with metal

I would never install a new metal roof over an old shingle roof. I won't even do it with shingles over shingles even though it's allowed by code.
Re-roofing gives you a chance to check the deck, flashing, add ice & water shield and generally upgrade and verify the condition of the roof before dropping a lot of money on a metal roof. It will be more than even architectural shingles.

Re: re-roofing with metal

To answer your question: not all metal roofs created equal. You need to research and get yourself more familiar with what's available and how much to be able to make a decision.

If you set your mind on a metal roof, don't put it on the old roof. Ed21 is right about that. Except, I would put a 2nd dimentional shingle roof on a flat 3 tab shingle roof which didn't leak and no wood deck work is required. But I must be sure of that or I'll be throwing my money down the drain.

Re: re-roofing with metal

Thanks guys! All good advice which i must now consider. I'm glad i asked on this forum. I plan on getting at least one more estimate on the roof...and i will go back to the earlier estimates and ask some clarification questions based on what you guys told me. and the advice about the manufacturer's best practices is great to know. wish me luck :)

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