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Rain Gutters vs Stone at the Roofs Drip Edge

Four months ago I bought a new Colonial style home in Holden, Massachusetts.
It has been a pretty wet early start to 2011 in the area. Thankfully, so far i have not had any signs of water in the basement.
I was wondering if it is alright to use 3/4" stone around the perimeter of the home instead of installing rain gutters?
If so; is there a recommend method to putting down the stone?
Am I in danger of damaging the foundation walls?

Thank you

Re: Rain Gutters vs Stone at the Roofs Drip Edge

A 3/4" stone facade attached to the peremeter of your house can't replace rain gutters. The idea behind gutters is to take the water away from your foundation.

Get gutters. Then keep them clean, at all times, to make them effective. Remember, having clogged gutter is like having no gutters at all.

Re: Rain Gutters vs Stone at the Roofs Drip Edge

3/4" gravel over a proper French drain will work but is not as easily maintained and you won't know there is a problem until you have water leaking in through your basement walls. Gutters are still the best way to go and required in many jurisdictions, check with your building department.


Re: Rain Gutters vs Stone at the Roofs Drip Edge

OK, I see now, you wanted to say "3/4" CRUSHED stone/rock".

Still though, crushed rock can't replace good, clean, functioning gutters, which will divert water away from your foundation.

Not knowing how well your basement was waterproofed, I'd still install gutters.

Re: Rain Gutters vs Stone at the Roofs Drip Edge

Ive had this decision of stone versus rain gutters when we built a two story addition on our 1863 built house. Original house had only gravity drain gutters on parts of the house. So with the addition we tried to see if we could do without gutters, and after a few big rains, I decided to install gutters on the addition. It was a two story drop for the rainwater, and it is true that the idea is to move the water away from the house. The crushed stone does not do this like a gutter downspout and groundlevel exit pipe does. Aesthetically, I don't like seeing the gutters but.... c'est la vie.

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