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Rain going behind gutters

I had my roof redone last year, now when it rains water leaks out behind the gutters and the fascia. The gutters are the same and have not been changed. What would cause this problem and how do I fix it?

Re: Rain going behind gutters

The shingle installers should have arranged the first course of shingles so that they hang over the gutters far enough to drip into the gutters; if such a placement of the first course jeopardizes the integrity of the shingles (high wind, etc.), then a plastic or aluminum "starter strip" is installed for this purpose.

Call the roofer back & see if they will make amends as a courtesy, or will charge only a nominal fee for the service.

If they decline, you can buy a few pieces of 12' trim at HD/Lowe's (L-Channel, J-Channel, etc.,) & slip the ling flat end under the first shingle course & secure with a roofing nail here & there.

Re: Rain going behind gutters

I agree with dodsworth.
They should have the shingles extended into the gutters along with a drip edge installed. Be wary of the stuff you buy at a home center , it's usually a very thin gage whereas professionals use a better thicker gage of material.

Re: Rain going behind gutters

Thanks for the information. I checked my shingles and there is a drip edge and the first course is even with the drip edge which should put the water into the gutter. So I am still confused why some of the rain goes behind the gutter?

Thanks for any ideas.

Re: Rain going behind gutters

January 1, 2011 "Ask this old house" addresses this.

Re: Rain going behind gutters

do you have aluminum cladding on the fascia,if so does it extend up behind the drip edge. if not the fascia can act as a trough higher up and catch the run off then it runs down into the soffit.

another thing that should be done is a bead of silicone run along the back edge of the gutter where it meets the fascia. this is a standard practice for the gutter installer i use

Re: Rain going behind gutters

Tiles should be spread along the channels with a drip edge installed. Beware of things you buy at a home center usually is a very fine gauge, while professionals use a thicker gauge material.

Re: Rain going behind gutters

for the drip edge yes, the building supply stuff is usually thinner and actually a little more expensive. as for gutters it depends on where you go. the aluminum gutter system hd has been selling is a great product, its a 5" gutter and a good gauge of metal. the plastic gutter they sell however is garbage, showing why its $11 cheaper than the metal

Re: Rain going behind gutters

This happened to us as well and we had to call a gutter company. Too high up for me to do it. They installed an additional piece of flashing and it hasn't leaked behind the gutter since.

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