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proper thin-set application?

I have new tile going up in a new shower. The fellow has me very concerned. When I came home today he has set about 1/4 of the way up the wall. I thought the thin-set was supposed to be swiped all over the backer board like cake icing. He has put small gobs under each tile. I can see the backer board behind the tile and in the seams between the tiles. Help! I don't think this will hold my tile on the wall. Anyone ever seen it done this way? Do I fire the tile guy?? This ia an urgent matter. He'll be back in the morning

Re: proper thin-set application?

He is doing it WRONG...What he is doing is not following industry guidlines ,it is Wrong ...If thats how he thinks it is to be done ,makes you wounder what else he may be doing wrong...

Re: proper thin-set application?

go to www.johnbridge.com this is a good tile page.

Carpenter Kent
Re: proper thin-set application?

How big are the tiles? Are you using epoxy grout once the tile is set? how many blobs is he using under each tile?

For a 12x12 I would use 5 blobs (1 in each corner and 1 in the center). What he is doing is not nessarly wrong. The method he is using is commonly used when setting bigger tiles on uneven walls. The blobs let you correct part of the tile so it does not create lippage when the other tile is set against it.

I would not use this method on the floor due to the fact that it does leave some hollow spots under the tile witch can lead to cracking once weight is rolled over the tile.

Re: proper thin-set application?

In the opening thread she said he was using thin set.(i assume a portland cement based)
The Tile Council of America has 1 detail for spot bonding and it is using Epoxy for bonding NOT a Thin Set and it is listed for use in Dry areas only.

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