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Problems with Minwax stain

So, I screwed up and failed to wipe off the excess stain after applying it to the wood borders on the doorways and the baseboards. now i have this wood that has a bit of a glossy sheen to it and I'd like to somehow remove the glossiness. Does anyone have any ideas? do I need to sand it all off and restain?



A. Spruce
Re: Problems with Minwax stain

If this was a "stain only" product, read the label and follow the directions for cleaning up dried product. Generally, mineral spirits (paint thinner ) will soften and remove excess surface material. If this is a one step "poly-stain", again, read the label for dry clean-up recommendations, though my experience with poly's in general says that you'll be hard pressed to remove dried excess with anything short of sanding.

Hope that helps. :)

Re: Problems with Minwax stain

If it's a Minwax stain/finish all in one, let it dry throughly and buff with 0000 steal wool and the vacuum throughly.

Re: Problems with Minwax stain

Thanks for the advice. i'll update after i'm finished.


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