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Cracked drywall above a door

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Drywall?

Typical price range: $50 – $80 per sqft

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Author Image Written by Brenda Woods Updated 04/01/2024

Drywall is less expensive and a better insulator than a plaster wall. Repairing drywall is also fairly easy, and small holes and dents are a straightforward do-it-yourself (DIY) project. As the cracks and tears get bigger, though, you may want to hire a professional contractor for drywall repair. We’ll break down the costs for different sizes and types of repairs in this comprehensive cost guide

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worker painting house exterior with brown wood protective color
Exterior Painting

The average cost to paint the exterior of a two-story house ranges between $3,500 and $8,000.

Person using a foam paint roller to paint an interior wall with white paint
Interior Painting

Interior painting can range between $1,800 and $10,000 depending on home size.

Cracked drywall above a door
Drywall Repair

Drywall repair typically costs $50–$80 per square foot.


Drywall Repair Cost

In general, the national average for repairing drywall is about $50–$80 per square foot or $60–$100 per hour. The most relevant cost factor is the repair size, since larger holes require more materials and labor. Here are some other factors.

  • Number of rooms: Damage that extends to multiple rooms of a house may actually cost less per square foot, though the overall repair project will obviously cost more than if it were one small fix.
  • Type of damage: The more extensive the damage, the more it will cost to repair.
  • Type of solution: Some joint compounds and materials are more expensive and difficult to work with than others.

Drywall Repair Cost Factors

Here’s what will determine where your project falls on the cost spectrum.

Drywall Repair Cost per Square Foot

At an average cost of $50–$80 per square foot, here’s what you can expect to pay for repairs of various sizes.

Square FootageCost Range













Repairing Small Holes

Small cracks and holes in drywall are considered less than about 3–4 inches in diameter. They may be caused by screws, wall hangings, doorknobs, or minor pest infestations. Professional drywall contractors may charge anywhere from $60–$200 to patch the drywall. You can also purchase your own hole repair kit from Home Depot or other home improvement stores for $10–$30.

Repairing Large Holes

When it comes to larger holes, professional contractors will typically charge by the hour ($60–$100) or by the square foot ($50–$80). Large holes will usually cost at least $100 to repair.

Repairing Whole Wall

Depending on the extent of the damage, your wall may need repair or replacement entirely. Repair is less expensive and will start around $500, while replacement may cost up to $1,600 (on the high-end) based on the wall size.

Drywall Repair Cost by Number of Rooms

Fortunately, cost doesn’t always scale directly with square footage. For example, if you have a large project that encompasses walls in multiple rooms, a drywall contractor may charge less per square foot for the total project. Here’s an approximation of project costs by number of rooms affected.

Number of RoomsCost Range











Entire house


Drywall Repair Cost by Type of Damage

Different types of drywall damage can be more or less costly to repair. For the following types of drywall repairs, the affected area’s size will determine where the total cost falls within the given price range.

Type of RepairCost Range





Ceiling hole




Drywall tape


Torn drywall


Crack Repair

Cracks may occur in the joints between drywall boards or within the piece of drywall itself. Stress cracks form when there’s movement in the wall’s structure wall, perhaps from a settling foundation or frame lumber contracting and expanding with changing temperatures. A small hairline crack may cost as little as $60 to caulk, but larger cracks can cost $330 or more to repair.

Anchor Repair

Drywall anchors allow you to hang art or shelves on your walls, but can leave unsightly holes if they tear free. Anchor holes usually require a small drywall patch, which costs $75–$105.

Ceiling Hole Repair

Drywall ceiling repair is more challenging than working on walls, so installation costs will usually be higher. Expect to pay $320–$1,300 depending on the extent of the ceiling damage.

Dent Repair

Fixing dents involves essentially the same process as repairing drywall holes, so the cost is about the same at $60–$200.

Drywall Tape Repair

Drywall tape is used to seal joints between sheets of drywall, but over time and with humidity it can bubble and peel. This is usually a fairly easy fix and costs $80–$190. 

Torn Drywall Repair

Repairing tears in drywall usually costs $95–$300. The drywall won’t usually need replacing, but it will need sealing and sanding before getting repainted. 

Drywall Repair Cost by Type of Solution

The method used to repair drywall determines what materials are needed. Most drywall repair requires more than one of these methods, but a professional handyman will usually charge for the total rather than each step individually.

SolutionCost Range









Drywall Repair Sanding

Using sandpaper is typically the final step in the process to smooth out the new, dried compound before finishing.

Cost to Spackle Drywall

Spackle is the compound of choice for small jobs like nail holes or shallow dents. It dries quickly and doesn’t shrink much.

Cost to Tape Drywall

Drywall tape is one part of a larger job to seal drywall seams. It’s usually applied over mud and sanded once dry.

Drywall Mud Cost

Mud is typically the best filling compound for large drywall holes, dents, and seams. The longer drying time allows contractors to continue working before the mud sets.

Repairing Water Damage

Unfortunately, water damage repair jobs are pricey. The actual repair itself will come at the standard rate, but because water damage is usually the result of a leak, you’ll likely have to hire a roofer or plumber to fix that problem first.

Mold Damage

If moisture has caused mold or mildew to grow in the drywall material, you may face a serious household hazard. Remediation for toxic mold averages around $2,300, since specialized contractors must carefully remove moldy materials and keep the spores from spreading to the rest of the house. Not all mold or mildew is a serious problem, but when it is, it should be treated carefully.

Causes of Drywall Damage

Here are some common ways that drywall gets damaged, listed from least to most expensive to fix.

  • Nails, drywall screws, anchors, and other wall fasteners
  • Dents from furniture or doorknobs
  • Wall frames expanding and shrinking
  • Pipe or roof leaks inside walls
  • Foundation settling or shifting

Note that water damage and large cracks may be signs of serious structural problems and should be investigated before they’re patched.

Drywall vs Sheetrock

Sheetrock is simply a well-known brand of drywall, the same way Xerox is a well-known brand of copy machine. Sheetrock is a gypsum wall board no different from any other kind of drywall, and can be replaced with any other brand.

How To Repair Drywall

How to repair drywall depends on the size and type of damage. Small to medium cracks can be caulked shut. Small holes can simply be filled in with spackle and painted over. Slightly larger holes will need to be sanded and filled with fiberglass mesh or a patch before spackling. Holes larger than about 6 inches should be filled with a new piece of scrap drywall before being patched and sealed with joint compound. Whole-wall cracks or water damage may require a whole new drywall sheet.

Professional vs DIY Drywall Repair

Small drywall repairs, such as holes from nails and screws, are well within the abilities of most homeowners. Though you won’t pay for labor costs, you’ll still need to buy materials. Repair kits and patches are quite affordable, but you might also need sandpaper, a putty knife, and a drywall knife. You’ll probably also need to texture and paint the new patch to match the remaining wall. 

However, large projects and those involving structural or water damage typically require a professional. You may also need a plumber to fix any leaks and a hazardous materials specialist for any mold remediation. Repairing and finishing drywall is messy, time-consuming work, and the larger jobs are best left to professional contractors who can get the work done quickly.

Signs That You Need to Repair Drywall

You’ll almost always know when your drywall needs repairing, since the damage is right on the surface. Here’s what that damage often looks like.

  • Cracks around windows, joints, or corners
  • Peeling or bubbling beneath the paint
  • Visible holes and dents
  • Discoloration
  • Soft or damp spots
  • Musty smell

Our Conclusion

For small holes and cracks, most homeowners can confidently repair their own drywall. However, larger drywall installation and finishing jobs are best handled by professionals. The cost of drywall repair is very reasonable compared to other home improvement jobs, so take the time to get some cost estimates from local contractors.

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FAQ About Drywall Repair

What is the average cost for drywall repair?

Most professional drywall repairs cost $50–$80 per square foot or $60–$100 per hour of work. 

How much does it cost to fix a large hole in drywall?

Large holes in drywall will cost $50–$80 per square foot to repair, though whole-wall and multiple-room repairs may come with price breaks by square footage.

How much does it cost to repair 2-inch drywall?

A small, 2-inch hole in drywall will usually cost $60–$100 for professional repair and $10–$30 for a DIY patch kit.

How much does wall repair cost?

A general handyperson will usually charge $60–$80 per hour for wall repair, though a specialist in water damage or mold remediation may charge $80–$100 per hour.

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