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S22 E22: Mauro Henrique shows paint samples to brighten a home

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How Paint Color Can Brighten A Room

Paint expert Mauro Henrique helps a homeowner make the most of their natural light by choosing different shades of the same paint color, reflecting light as needed throughout the space.
Looking through the kitchen at a two tone door

Two-Tone Kitchen Pantry Design

A design-build duo gives their pantry a simple yet striking two-tone paint treatment.
Arched hallway leading into a kitchen with a bold blue/green color

Best Bold Paint Colors for Your Home

Learn how to apply bold paint colors in your home from designers.

Easy Guide to Paint Finishes

Trying to choose a paint finish? Read this guide to learn how to pick the right sheen to make your next interior paint project pop.

Interior Painting Tips: Best Practices from an Expert

This Old House painting expert Mauro Henrique shares his best practices for achieving a flawless finish.

Where to Find Safe Paint Strippers

Read about these alternatives to traditional, harsh paint strippers that are making furniture refinishing easier on the lungs.

Choose the Right Type of Paint for Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are constantly exposed to water and humidity, so selecting a moisture-resistant paint is crucial.

How Much Paint Do I Need?

Need to know how much paint to buy? A little math can save you a lot of time when it comes to interior painting.

How to Match a Paint Color

Ask This Old House painter Mauro Henrique demonstrates how to accurately match a paint color

What to Do with Paint Leftovers

Finished a major project? Here’s how to deal with a little extra paint (or a lot)

How to Paint a Room in 13 Steps

What does it take and how much does it cost to paint a room? Watch our video and read our easy instructions on how to prep and paint like a pro.

How to Quickly Prime and Paint Windows

Ask This Old House host Kevin O’Connor works with painter Mauro Henrique to demonstrate a masking primer that leaves clean lines on a window

Popular House Paint Apps

Take the stress out of color matching by visualizing your wall paint on a mobile app first.

Your Toughest Paint Questions Answered

The TOH pros offer advice on your most difficult interior and exterior paint, painted flooring, and paint-removal questions

All About Exterior Paint

Expert advice on choosing the best formulations for your siding type, selecting the most eye-catching colors, and getting long-lasting results

All About Polyurethane

Use this guide to learn more about how to choose the best type of polyurethane and apply it to furniture to bring out the beauty of wood around your house.

All About Exterior Stain

This Old House decodes the differences between the various types of stain so that you can get the look you want.

All About Interior Paint

The experts at This Old House help you navigate the paint aisle like a pro so that you can choose the perfect finish for your rooms

How to Paint a Room

From start to finish, we show you how to give your interior walls a new personality in just one weekend.


Plucked from a hog or synthesized in a lab, the right bristles are the key to a perfect paint job

Not All Painters Are Pros

To get the quality paint job you're paying for, ask these questions and make sure your contract is very specific.

Why Is My Paint Peeling?

Bad paint jobs can happen to good people with old houses — even when they listen faithfully to everything the paint salesman tells them. The reason is a surprising revelation about the compatibility of oil and latex paints.