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Pitched roof to flat roof

Buying a 1250 square foot house. For a number of good reasons, I want to tear off the pitched roof and replace it with a flat roof. I live in lower Michigan. I was told I can get bids, even from Criegs List, because of our slow economy. I'm a disabled vet, so can not work on it myself.
Question: Can I save money by hiring labor people from Criegs list to tear of the entire roof, and then having scheduled a flat roofing company or supervisor's from Creigs List to reasonably do this job?
How much, in Ann Arbor Michigan would the estimated cost be?

Re: Pitched roof to flat roof

This is a thousand year old question.

Even in demolition, you need skilled laborers, or you end up with a big mess. And the job you're describing is not exactly small.

You just said it yourself: you think you can get lower bids because of the slow economy, so why not get a lower bid from someone who knows what to do and doesn't require continuous supervision?

As far as cost, only a local contractor can give you an accurate estimate for your area.

By the way, replacing roof rafters will require a permit. Check at your local building department and stay out of trouble.

Re: Pitched roof to flat roof

Thank you for your time and advice.

A. Spruce
Re: Pitched roof to flat roof

When this cheap labor steps through the ceiling, who is going to fix it? When they cut through wiring or plumbing who is paying for the damages? When one of them injures themselves on your property, are you prepared to lose everything when you are sued?

I personally think that you're going about this the wrong way. You should be calling at least three contractors for a complete bid on the project and not trying to save maybe $3 by hiring God knows what to come in and destroy your home.

Save yourself time, money, and hassles and just hire ONE professional for the job. They will have the manpower, expertise, and ability to get the job done properly and timely. They will be licensed and insured.

Re: Pitched roof to flat roof

Flat roofs don't belong in snow country! Swiss chalet houses with their gabled roofs and overhangs don't look that way because they are picturesque, but because they naturally deal with snow and ice damming.

You will spend a lot of money to increase your maintenance problems.

Re: Pitched roof to flat roof
misola wrote:

Buying a 1250 square foot house. For a number of good reasons, I want to tear off the pitched roof and replace it with a flat roof. I live in lower Michigan.

While in Calif, I had a 1-story modern style house with flat roof (plus an angle portion - "soaring ceiling"). In 2000, it cost about $12,000 to re-cover (w/o tearing out 2 old roof layers) my 1,600 sf house (my guess 2,000 sf with all the overhangs).

Also, flat roofs are limited in material, with foam the most popular (at least in Calif where there is no snow/ice). Then, foam and perhaps other materials require a re-coating (about $5,000) to make it last beyond 10-12 years. Basically, my pitch-roof ranch style neighbors can call a variety of roofers while I could only call foam roofers. (But I didn't have gutters.)

I really liked our mod house so the flat roof issues weren't annoying. You may get a lot of roofers shaking their shoulders if you ask them about flat roofs.

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