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omnigrip adhesive

Hi! We tiled our bathroom floor in a basketweave pattern with 3"x6" and 1.5"x1.5" stone tiles on Saturday over 1/4" backerboard onto a plywood subfloor. But now it is 4 days since we put down the floor and I noticed it was really easy to press on the tiles and see them move up and down and even side to side. I went to read the bucket again and noticed that even the bits of adhesive that were left in the empty bucket that has been open to the air for 4 days are still very flexible (I can stick my nail into them and make a dent). We called the company and they said to wait two more days. Hard to believe 48 more hours will magically solve the problem. Just realized I forgot to mention that we installed radiant flooring under the tile. My question is, will it ever dry to the point where the tiles won't move? I don't see how the grout won't crack and wonder if it will be bad for the electrical wires over time. Any hope? Thanks in advance! Bernie

Re: omnigrip adhesive

You don't use "adhesive" to set stone. You have to use unmodified thinset mortar. Adhesives, for one thing, will stain the stone from underneath. It would permanently and irreparably be discolored. Then, as you have witnessed, it is slow to dry, and eager to re-emulsify if it gets wet.
You have a mess on your hands. Whoever recommended or sold you the "adhesive" was woefully misinformed.

Re: omnigrip adhesive

Thanks for your reply. That seems to be the general vibe I am getting based on searches. The completely aggravating thing is that the container of omnigrip specifies that it is suitable for use with laying stone flooring in wet areas! It took us 10 hours to lay the floor now we have to pull up 500+ tiles, try to salvage them and we are probably out at least $200 for just the radiant floor alone? Anyone think that if we just wait it out until it seems set and grout it really well it will last? Thanks for any help! Bernie

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