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Mysterious dripping goo

After being in my 1955 ranch for a year I just noticed a mysterious goo appear on the bathroom wall. I has a slight brownish tint and is sticky. It seems to be emanating from where the wall meets the ceiling. The wall is next to the shower. The wall seems solid.

I haven't been up into the attic to explore the problem further.

Any ideas?

Re: Mysterious dripping goo

This is just a wild guess but I think I might be right. I am thinking that what you are seeing is nicotine staining from cigarettes. I say that because after we inherited my grandmothers house,who was a heavy smoker we saw some sticky areas with brown goo like what you what you are seeing. After talking to various people including some painting contractors it was decided that the rooms where she smoked the most,and one of them coincidentally was the bathroom,that they would be cleaned thoroughly with a good cleaner like Pine Sol or any other strong cleaner and then a good primer would be put on the walls and ceiling to prevent bleed through.
As to what primer there are many excellent primers out there but the one I would recommend the most would be Kilz. Kilz makes a special primer just for getting rid of cigarette staining and it really works great. If you still have some of the smell of cigarettes after doing the cleaning don't worry about it as Kilz will take care of the smell issues too. I would clean the bathroom twice refreshing the water every once in a while and then let the walls and ceiling dry really good for a day and then apply the kilz. Wait until the kilz dries though before you use the shower.
As for a problem in the attic it certainly will not hurt too look. I know I would just to make sure that there is not a moisture problem in the attic from an unvented ceiling fan in the bathroom or one that wasn't properly insulated or both and then address that issue first. Good luck to you!:)

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