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Mold in Ceiling

Our house is two years old in april. We have had a continuous mold problem since the fall of 06. The house was purchased brand new in april of 06. Around Oct. we noticed mold growing on the ceiling in the living room, master bath, and dining room. The home builder had a mold company come out and both clean the mold on the ceiling and spray the attic. This did not take care of the problem, the mold returned in the spring i think. The builder then had the insulation company come out and reinsulate the attic thinking that the insulation had blown back. We then had the mold company come back and clean again. Come this winter the mold is back. I do not know what to do. I did clean the mold in one of the rooms, and painted with kilz just to see what would happen. now in that room (dinning room) water drips from where kilz is when outside temp is below 20. I also noticed new mold growth in spare bedroom above baseboard trim. (one spot). Any advice on the cause.

Re: Mold in Ceiling

You may want to check out the 'Dripping Ceiling' thread posted a day after yours. I don't know much about your problem, but there appear to be at least one or two people posting in that thread that are quite knowledgeable. There's even pictures.
Hope it helps...I know mold is no fun.

Re: Mold in Ceiling

You did not say if this is a two story home. What is located above the areas mentioned? What type of siding is on the home?
What type of roof and roof design?

It sounds like, to me that the contractor is spending a lot of time cleaning and covering up the mold. He needs to locate the cause of the moisture, repair it and then do proper remediation work.

Contact a certified Thermographer to do an "Infrared Survey" of your home. This will show the areas of high moisture, lack of insulation, poorly weatherproofed area, hot and cold spots.
Its sounds like to me that there is several possible causes:
(what I would look for)
1- Poor ventilation 2 - Too much humidty in the air 3- water leak or condensation in overhead. 4 - poorly sealed exterior
5- Heating system 6 - Exterior siding - and many other things that can cause the problems you mentioned.

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