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Leaking...Roof? Window? Brick? Help

A hurricane came through a couple of months ago and we had driving/blowing rain for a while one afternoon and evening. Water started coming through above our bay window from behind the crown molding, down one wall, and through the ceiling above the window.

Roofers say the copper roof isn't flashed correctly (10 year old house) and needs full roof replacement.

A week after the hurricane, we got 9 inches of rain in one week with NO leaks anywhere. I have sprayed the window, roof, brick with water but can't repeat the problem. One person tells me it's the roof while another says it could be the window above the bay window roof.

Help. How did the water come in and how can I fix things. Can you come troubleshoot? Would make a great episode. It's a mystery.

UPDATE: I have added a link to the pictures. The TOH site wouldn't take any of my uploads regardless of size or format so here's a Drop Box link. Please review if you have a chance. dropbox.com/gallery/21809476/1/Water%20Damage?h=6bbccc

A. Spruce
Re: Leaking...Roof? Window? Brick? Help

Sounds to me that it's a combination of high winds with rain that is driving the rain into some nook or cranny that is otherwise dry under normal circumstances. It's likely a flashing problem, but without knowing more about your house and/or seeing it in person, it's all speculation.

What type of roof covering do you have?

Can you post pictures?

Re: Leaking...Roof? Window? Brick? Help

I tried to post pics, but the TOH site wouldn't take any regardless of size or format.

Here is a link to Drop Box where you can find the pics. Thanks.


A. Spruce
Re: Leaking...Roof? Window? Brick? Help
Re: Leaking...Roof? Window? Brick? Help

Alas, water leaks are very elusive. It is possible that the origin of the leak could be anywhere above the visible leak, up to the highest point on the roof! Water can run down the rafters, dump into a wall and not show up until far below the actual source, bypassing damage in the floor above.

The conditions of driving, swirling rain moving horizontally in great quantities might never be reproduced. After all, you have been there 10 years and not seen this damage. Personally, I would repair the damage and make sure my insurance never lapses.

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